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If you’re like us, you love getting a little peak into someone else’s styling and home. From their organisational tips and tricks to the inspiration behind their new artwork. It’s amazing how the same products styled in a new way can completely change their feel.

This beloved peek behind closed doors is why we wanted to bring you the At Home with Pillow Talk series where we take a look in detail into the homes of some of our favourite creators. We wanted to know what makes their homes truly theirs and find out their favourite styling tips and tricks.

We recently collaborated with Belle from @thelittlewhiteedit and wanted to hear more about her stunning home, and the woman who lives in it!

Pillow Talk home styling

  1. How would you describe your style?

I am a huge lover of whites, blonde timbers mixed with very soft muted tones, so I’d like to say my style is modern Scandi with a touch of pastels and fresh blooms. When styling our home, I always lean towards purchasing our larger items in neutrals, whites and timbers and accessorise with neutrals, whites, and pastels. I find this quite cost effective as you can switch up accessories from room to room to create a completely different look and your home always flows.

  1. When you styled your bedroom, were you inspired by anything in particular?

For many years I have always wanted to incorporate a pink quilt cover in our bedroom so when I came across the Java Quilt Cover from Pillow Talk, I knew this was the one, the tone and texture was so delicate and accessorised with the right balance of whites and neutrals I knew it would marry together beautifully to create a tranquil master bedroom space for Wes and I.

At home with Pillow Talk bedroom styling

  1. Do you have any organisational tips and tricks?

Organisation is one of my most favourite things. We are minimalists, we only have exactly what we need and use and that’s the way we like it, however in saying that I love organised spaces to be pretty so there is a fine mix of minimalism and prettiness. My advice would be don’t be afraid to discard or donate items that no longer serve you to free up space in your home.

  1. What’s your favourite space in your home?

Having owner built, we created each space with so much thought and love but if I had to choose just one it would be our main living area ‘the hub of our home’. To us this is where all of our memories and time as a family is spent together. Whether it be cooking, enjoying a meal, chatting by the fire or snuggling on the couch this area is where our memories are made!


Pillow Talk home styling trays


  1. What plans are next for your home?

Having only recently finished owner building, we don’t have any plans to rebuild in the near future. However, interacting with so many beautiful accounts on Instagram it’s hard not to be inspired by all of the beautiful images you see, so naturally a girl’s always going to dream!  If we rebuilt my vision would be to have large cathedral ceilings especially in the entry and main area, everything would be white however rather than having black accents like we currently have in our home I would change it up to white windows with brass accessories, of course with the soft palette of colours throughout our home as we have here also.

  1. Do you have any favourite home accounts that inspire you?

My favourite account would easily be @the_coastalbarndream. Lauren’s home is beautiful and elegant but still very much a family orientated space.


Pillow Talk artwork


  1. If you could have any home in the world, what would it be like?

I would own a few acres with mountain views, all white both internally and externally and high ceilings throughout with blonde timber accents. I would have a nice outdoor entertaining area with pool and lush greenery surrounds. I would also create self-sustainable living by having a large vegetable patch with chickens, so not to different from what we have created here at @thelittlewhiteedit.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our chat with Belle from @thelittlewhiteedit. If you don’t already follow @pillowtalkaustralia and @thelittlewhiteedit, head over to Instagram now!