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If you’re like us, you love getting a little peak into someone else’s styling. How they drape their throw, how they position their cushions; It’s amazing how the same products styled in a new way can completely change their feel.

This beloved peek behind closed doors is why we wanted to bring you a new series where we take a look in detail into the homes of some of our favourite creators. We wanted to know what makes their homes truly theirs and find out their favourite styling tips and tricks.

We recently collaborated with Corinne from @my_mayfair and wanted to hear more about what makes her home truly hers.

  1. How would you describe your style?

I get asked this a lot and the truth is I struggle to label it. I would say a modern boho style. I lean towards a coastal feel and love white and timber together.

Pillow Talk autumn bedroom styling

  1. You have a gorgeous home, and gorgeous kids, are there any challenges to keeping it clean and tidy?

I get asked a lot about how I have white linen and kids successfully. My two-year-old recently did some redecorating and decided to colour in our white quilt cover!! But I’ve learnt, as long as it’s machine washable, I’m good!

It took me awhile to learn this, but I’ve found doing a little bit consistently is the key to a tidy home. I now have daily habits that are second nature like making the bed every morning, unpacking the dishwasher, taking 15 minutes to tidy up toys and putting a load of washing on time delay every evening.

  1. Do you have any organisational tips and tricks?

The key is making sure everything has a home. If I don’t have space for it, I don’t keep it. I loosely follow the one in, one out rule. Meaning, if I get something new, we part with something else to make space. We have a relatively small 3-bedroom home, so I’ve had to become clever with storage. Often the most underutilised space is the back of doors!

Pillow Talk kids bedroom dinosaur bedding

  1. What’s your favourite space of your home?

My favourite space would be our master bedroom. I wanted to create a bit of a sanctuary for us to come home to each day. I once read coming home should be like exhaling. I use a neutral palette and change up the cushions and throws (and the occasional fun printed sheets!).

  1. What plans are next for your home?

We have so many plans. The list is continually growing. We are hoping to build a deck and set up an outdoor entertaining area. With my daughter starting school this year, I’m also working on a ‘mud room’ area in our garage to store school/daycare bags, shoes and the like.

Pillow Talk kids bedroom styling

  1. Do you have any favourite home accounts that inspire you?

I love how Iryna from @fromgreatbeginnings organises her home without compromising on beauty. It’s pretty and practical.

  1. If you could have any home in the world, what would it be like?

I love homes with character, especially old Queenslanders. I would love a couple of acres so my kids could have plenty of space to explore their own backyard. A butlers pantry and a walk in linen cupboard certainly wouldn’t go astray either!

Pillow Talk bedroom styling pecan and rust