Tips from our stylists | Winter 2024

As the temperature drops and we retreat to the warmth of our homes, it’s the perfect opportunity to adapt our spaces to the tranquil essence of winter. Envision a home that mirrors the still and serene beauty of the natural world during this frosty season. Our Winter 2024 Collection draws its muse from the symbiotic calmness of nature, blending organic elements with soothing, deep neutrals to radiate the raw elegance of the outdoors. To transform your home into a countryside haven, our in-house stylists share their top three tips for winter home styling.

Luxurious Faux Furs and Rich Textures

To embody the heart of winter, lavish your home with faux furs and sumptuous textures. While this timeless trend perpetually reemerged, our fresh take for Winter 2024 ensures your space remains modern and chic. Revel in the ultimate comfort with our opulent Prague, Pelage, Nevada, and Denali collections. Highlight your living area with the pronounced textures of our Prague cushions and throws, which are sure to be the focal point for your cosy gatherings.

A woman sits in front of a couch. The couch is decorated with a range of natural faux fur cushions and a green faux fur throw.

The Essence of a Rural Hideaway

Transport yourself into the idyllic charm of a rural sanctuary, where the rustic allure of the Australian landscape melds with minimalist beauty to nurture a sense of peaceful refuge. Layer your spaces with warmth through tactile fabrics and calming designs. The Forest Quilt Cover Set is your gateway to this bucolic dream; its enchanting, watercolour forest print breathes life onto a soft, breathable cotton canvas, ensuring your slumber is as tranquil as a walk-through woodland path.

A woman is lying on top of a bed reading a book. The bed is decorated with a botanical print quilt cover set, a natural toned knitted throw, a green faux fur throw and cushion and green bed sheets. In the background there is a window looking out to a forest.

A Global Affair

Winter is an invitation to weave the richness of global cultures, vibrant arts and crafts, and the exotic allure of world landscapes into the tapestry of your home. Our latest Collection celebrates these facets by bringing the adventurous spirit of nature’s untamed splendour indoors. Introduce statement pieces and handcrafted decor that evoke the mystery and heterogeneity of global heritage. Bask in the comfort of your domestic haven, your crafted piece of nature’s majesty.

The image shows a marble top coffee table in front of a velvet, tan coloured couch. On the table are a stack of two coffee table books topped with a golden koi statue. Next to the books, a amber vase with a stem and a golden honey bee place sit. On top of a third book sits a black lion head shaped planter with an artificial plant in it.

We’re excited to see how these stylistic elements breathe new life into your domicile this winter. When you do, share a glimpse of your reimagined haven with us on Instagram by tagging @pillowtalkaustralia. Your retreat from the cold awaits—wrap your home in the warmth of nature’s tranquility and style.