Domica Hill x Pillow Talk

We’re so excited to be introducing our latest artist collaboration with Indigenous artist and mother, Domica Hill.

Domica is a proud Palawa/Pakana woman from the Northwest Coast of Tasmania who lives and creates on Gubbi Gubbi Country in the Sunshine Coast. A contemporary Australian Indigenous artist, she has designed an exclusive Mother’s Day range inspired by connection to family and her own healing journey. Available to shop online and in-store, both the ‘Native Country’ and ‘Coastal Connections’ designs feature traditional symbols and storytelling interwoven into the artwork both culminating in a captivating blend of contemporary styles that pay homage to tradition.

We wanted you to hear more about the inspiration behind the two designs, so we sat down with Domica to discuss the artworks, her home and creative process.

“First, we’d love to know a little more about you…”

“I am a proud Palawa/Pakana woman from the Northwest Coast of Tasmania and started delving more into my culture and artistic passion after the loss of my first child, Briar. As this happened during COVID lockdowns whilst living in Victoria, art became my outlet and played a huge role in my healing journey.”

The picture features Domica Hill, a blonde woman, holding a cushion from the Coastal Connections collection that features a palm tree design in an Australian Indigenous art style. Domica is sitting on a bed that features a quilt cover set from the Native Country collection featuring a bright Indigenous Australian design.

“What was the key inspiration behind the Native Country and Coastal Connections designs?”

“I have a passion for the natural world, particularly the native flora and fauna. The inspiration for these works in particular was the Sunshine Coast, where I currently live and call home. All my artworks are intertwined with life experiences with the loss of Briar being the forefront of all my work.

‘Native Country’ was inspired by resilience. Resilience of us as people and the enduring spirit we hold inside as well as the resilience of the Country and land after everything mother nature throws its’ way.

‘Coastal Connections’ was inspired by the connections we have with the land, water and sky. I wanted to portray how we have a beautiful relationship with them all and the different connections that are formed throughout our journeys. I wanted it to be a way for people to stop and think as most don’t even realise the connections we have.”

“Symbols and storytelling are ingrained in your art, as a Palawa woman, how do you translate that heritage to your work?”

“Not only through the symbols but also through how I interpret them within the story and meaning behind each piece. I use symbols in every piece, but it is in quite a contemporary way. They are used to tell stories of survival and resilience and each brush stroke is a tribute to the land that sustains and inspires my people and culture.”

“Your art has a deep connection with your ancestors and lineage, does that bring also a connection with your family?”

“It brings a huge connection with my family. Most of my pieces are about my experience and the journey my husband and I have been on to have a family. At the core of that journey is the loss of our first child, Briar and although it’s a tale of grief, she has also been a beacon of hope. My art has helped me convey the most profound emotions of healing and connecting me to my roots.”

Domica Hill, a blonde woman, is lying on a bed smiling at her son.

“Do you have a creative process when you start painting?”

“Yes, I normally have an idea of what I want it to represent. I have a story and meaning behind it before I start and then I put paint to canvas, and that story comes out on the canvas.”

“What advice would you give to your younger self or someone wanting to pursue art and design?”

“Go for it and aim high. Don’t ever let it become a job. Do it as a passion not a profession but still have big goals!”

“What’s your favourite spot in your home?”

“Probably our Guest Bedroom, because I can style it and it stays nice and clean! It’s not used that often and our son doesn’t go in there!”

“How would you describe your home style?”

“Umm, it’s modern…I would say it’s contemporary and has a coastal vibe”

Three cushions, two square and one oblong, and a decorative throw sit on a white swinging chair on a porch. One of the square cushions features an embroidered palm tree design. The other square cushion and the oblong cushion feature an Indigenous Australian design in pink and orange tones, both with textural details.

“We know you especially love the cushions from the collection, how are you styling them?”

“Yes, they are amazing. The added texture in them makes them so special. I think I will definitely have them styled on the Coastal Connections comforter in my Guest Bedroom along with a forest green or olive coloured throw to tie in those darker hues in the cushions.”

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