Comfort to Convenience: Upcycle Your Fabric Bags

Tips for supporting a more sustainable future

As part of our conscious journey towards sustainability, we are replacing our plastic packaging with fabric bags. We have begun with our quilt covers and sheet sets, which make it even easier for you to see and feel the stunning colours, prints and textures. Plus, once you’ve unpacked your new purchase, you can also play your part to reuse and recycle by finding favourite ways to upcycle your fabric bags with lots of great uses. Here’s some tips:


1. Gym bag

Our drawstring fabric bags are the perfect size for all your gym essentials. Easily pop your shoes, towel, water bottle and earphones in the soft fabric bag to ensure they’re protected and can be easily picked up when you’re ready to go.

2. Shower bag

If you’re an early riser who likes to hit the gym before work, take a second fabric bag with all your shower essentials. This is also perfect for when you’re travelling as you can easily pop this in your suitcase and have all your bathroom necessities in one convenient and safe place.

3. Makeup bag

Perfect for leaving at the office or taking on sleepovers, save yourself the expense of purchasing a new make up bag and reuse your soft fabric bag.

4. Stationery bag

Whether for yourself or the little people in your life, a fabric bag is the perfect way to store and carry notebooks and pens for school, university or work. You’ll never lose your favourite pen again!

Some of our other favourite uses are to store your potatoes in the kitchen to ensure they don’t grow any sprouts, to safely store shoes or clothing while travelling, to keep dust off your hairdyer and as a sewing kit bag!

There really are countless ways to recycle your quilt cover or sheet set fabric bags to give them a purposeful use in your everyday life! If you have any other great uses for our fabric bags that we haven’t already listed, share them with us on Instagram with #PillowTalkAustralia.