How to style your winter bed

When the mercury plunges, there’s no greater pleasure than retreating into a snug and sumptuous haven. More than simply a place to rest, your bedroom in winter should be an irresistible cocoon that beckons you to linger longer under the covers. Prepare to transform your bedroom into a haven you’ll adore throughout the frosty season. And, just a gentle warning: you may just be tempted to hibernate all winter long!


The heart of winter comfort lies in the art of layering, both for practical warmth and aesthetic richness. Think of your bed as a canvas, with each layer adding depth, texture, and colour to the overall masterpiece. Begin with a merino wool mattress topper to introduce a base layer of insulation. Next, swath your bed in softness with sheets that whisper of warm embrace, like brushed flannelette. Here’s a little secret for those who are particularly chill-prone: tuck a plush blanket beneath your duvet or comforter for an extra layer of toasty bliss. When it comes to the finishing touches, it’s a celebration of texture. Imagine a symphony of velvety cushions and a knitted throw, or perhaps the indulgent contrast of faux fur pillows against a chunky, woven blanket. The tactile experience alone will make your winter bed an irresistible retreat.

Image features a bed with layers of bedding, including a green quilt cover set, faux fur throw, velvet striped oblong cushion, two square faux fur cushions and green European pillowcases.

Colour me cosy

Who says winter has to be drab? While the instinct might be to gravitate towards darker hues, creating an inviting bedroom space isn’t restricted to any colour palette. Certainly, the rich tones of rust, charcoal, and other deep shades can infuse a room with a sense of warmth and sophistication worth exploring. Employ these colours in your quilt covers and throws to envelop your space in a comforting depth.

A bed featuring a deep chocolate brown sheet set, rust coloured quilt cover set, a mustard striped cushion and a orange check throw is featured.

If your heart yearns for a dash of drama, consider the power of contrast. Pair a bold, dark base with pops of lighter, softer shades for an arresting visual duo. Picture a majestic navy duvet set brought to life by the subtle charm of a sandy-hued throw and a scattering of pale cushions – a striking yet inviting contrast. Or maybe you’re drawn to the opulence that jewel tones command. These regal colours, evocative of precious stones, bring a lavish feel to your wintertime sanctuary, particularly when married with shimmering metallic accents.

No matter your styling path, your winter hideaway should be your personalised expression of comfort and style. Document and share your cosy space with a community that appreciates the cultivated art of warm living – tag us @pillowtalkaustralia and showcase your version of the ideal winter bedroom.