Pillow Talk & Cass Deller

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Amani, by Cass Deller! Cass is a Noosa based artist who is inspired by the joy of summer and expresses her world through water colours. We wanted you to hear more about the inspiration behind the Amani design, so we sat down with Cass to discuss inspiration, her home and creative process.

“Hi Cass, thank you for sitting down with us today! We’re super excited about the launch of your new range with us and would love to know a little more about you and the inspo behind the designs.”

“First, we’d love to know a little more about you ….”

“Yeah sure, well my name is Cass! I live in Noosa with my amazing husband and our two beautiful kiddies (Edward 8, and Isla 4). I was born in Adelaide, however my family moved us to sunny Brisbane when I was 2, which is where I grew up. Every summer we used to holiday in Noosa, which is where my love of the beach came from. I used to paint a lot as a kid, but it really wasn’t until I studied graphic design at the age of 29 when I took my painting seriously. My art and design business started out by integrating my watercolour illustrations into wedding stationery and branding, however over the recent years my focus is now on painting and pattern design for beautiful brands, and teaching others how to do the same. Moving to the Sunshine Coast 8 years ago just seemed like the most natural move, as we both love being by the water, and I’m constantly surrounded by inspiration for my work.”

“What was the key inspiration behind the Amani design?”

“My main inspiration for Amani is the feeling of summer holidays. My aim with my paintings is to capture a feeling and vibe. I do that through the use of colour, subject matter and the way in which I paint. I try to paint in a really free and natural way, where I am really allowing my energy to be transferred through the brush and onto the paper.”

“Do you have a creative process when you start painting?”

“Yes, I always like to have an idea of what I’m painting before I paint. Painting with a blank canvas and no inspiration is one of the scariest things for a creative. It always starts with inspiration and the ‘feeling’ of what I’m going to create. Once I know the vibe, or the theme of the artwork, I gather photos of subject matter to draw from. I start by setting up the right paint colours in my palette and a blank sheet of watercolour paper. I paint freely onto the paper without pencilling in anything first, as I find that restricts me from being really free with the brushstrokes. The less thinking the better.”

“What advice would you give to your younger self or someone wanting to pursue art and design?”

“To trust that feeling within you and forget about what society says, or what others around you are saying. There are no rules, and there is not one right way to have a creative career, there is only your path, and your way, and it’s really about enjoying the journey and believing in yourself the whole way. The key is to really surround yourself with others who also have a successful creative career so that you can be shown that it is absolutely possible – because it is. Many up-and-coming artists believe that there isn’t room for their art, however that’s not true at all. You need to pursue your art in a unique way that tells your story and your journey, the world needs your perspective and your energy. It’s about being unique and being true to yourself.”

“What’s your favourite spot in your home?”

“My studio. Every time. This annoys my husband a lot (laughs). That’s where I put the most of my energy as far as styling. It’s extremely important to me that I am inspired when I sit down to work.”

“How would you describe your home style?”

“We just recently moved into a new home, which is very exciting. We had a blank slate and so I’ve had a lot of fun picking out new furniture and art. I love to keep my furniture neutral (it took a lot of convincing to myself that I could have a cream couch with small children!) and then add colour through cushions, homewares and art. I’ve gone for a lot of white and timber for that coastal feel, and then lots of beautiful soft pinks, blues and creams for the decor – it’s still evolving and it’s so much fun!”

“How are you going to style Amani?”

“Oh, I can’t wait, I’m so excited! I’d love to use some of the cushions on our couch, the bedspread in the master bedroom, and the comforter in the kids’ rooms. I like to pair the patterned designs with more neutral colours so that the prints can be the hero. I can’t wait to have a play!”

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