How to create your sleep sanctuary

Happiness is… a good night’s sleep! And a good night’s sleep starts with a cosy and inviting space to rest and recover. ‘Bedroom’ may as well as be a synonym for safe haven, they’re our safe spaces where we rest, revive and refresh. Creating a tranquil and peaceful space is imperative to quality sleep. From the right bedding to a clutter free space our bedroom styling can help us sleep soundly or can hinder those much-needed zzz’s. So how do you achieve this bedroom nirvana? Read on!

Invest in quality

The average person will spend over 229, 961 hours sleeping throughout their life, that’s a lot, therefore it’s important to invest in high quality bedding that will help you dose off easily. It’s important to be comfortable while we sleep to avoid any unnecessary awakenings. If you’re unsure where to start with your bedding reach out to our team on live chat or head in-store to talk to one of the comfort experts.

Keep your space tidy

We all know the feeling of a freshly organised space and it instantly makes us more productive and focused. Having a tidied and organised bedroom will also improve your sleep quality. It’s been shown that people who have an untidy home have increased levels of cortisol. This hormone causes anxiety and stress which hinders our sleep quality. We love using trunks and baskets to help keep everything organised and clutter free.

Pillow Talk wide stripe sheets

Keep technology out of the bedroom

A tale as old as smart phones. You’ve heard it before but limiting screen time before bed is a sure-fire way to improve your sleep. Using our devices stimulates our brains and makes it harder to fall asleep. The brightly lit screen can also trick our body clock to be at daytime-level alertness. Try to put your devices down at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Room darkening curtains 

The perfect environment to fall asleep in is a dark room without any disturbance from artificial lights! Keeping your room dark throughout your sleep will help you achieve quality and uninterrupted sleep. Room darkening and blockout curtains are a great way to achieve the level of darkness needed for a deep sleep. They’re also a shift workers best friend for needing to sleep during the day.

Pillow Talk full blockout curtain range

Hopefully we’ve encouraged you to prioritise a healthy sleep routine and you’ll be feeling well-rested in no time!