How to choose your beach shade

Whether you’re by the sea, enjoying a garden party or on a camping adventure, in an Australian summer, shelter from the sun is high on our priority list! But with so many gorgeous choices, what sun shade will be best suited to you? A beach umbrella? Or perhaps a trending beach cabana? Let’s find out…


The most important first step when deciding on the right sun shade for you is to consider if it is UPF 50+ protective. The UPF 50+ rating means that at least 98% of UV radiation is blocked by the fabric. We are lucky enough to live somewhere with almost year-round sunshine and so it is vital to consider sun shade that provides maximum protection from damaging rays Choosing the right umbrella to protect you at the beach means getting sit back and relax – no more chasing the shade!

Beach umbrella

A stylish beach umbrella is the perfect sun shelter choice for those wanting a convenient shelter option that is easy to set up and carry.  Beach umbrellas also have the handy ability to be tilted to effectively block the sun as it moves throughout the day. If you’re looking for a lightweight option to provide sun shelter whether you’re at the beach or enjoying a summer picnic a beach umbrella may be the right choice for you. For the style savvy, opt for a beautiful beach umbrella with fringe!

Beach cabana

If you’re looking for something that provides a little more substantial shade while you’re at the beach or on your adventure, a beach cabana might be the sun shade you’re looking for. This is a great option for families as they provide a large surface area of shade, allowing everyone to be protected from the sun. Modern cabanas are easy to set up and come with a convenient bag to carry them in. Perhaps the best part of the cabana is the internal pocket, perfect for holding your personal essential or yummy snacks to stop them getting sandy!

Beach umbrellas and beach cabanas allow us to enjoy summertime that little bit more, for that little bit longer. Stay safe from the sun this summer season under a new beach umbrella or cabana.