Home Grown Comfort: The Top Four Benefits of Australian Wool Bedding

As an Australian business we’re passionate about bringing you quality Australian products. Australian wool is a fibre like no other and is known as some of the best in the world, for good reason. Did you know these incredible facts about Australian wool?


Did you know that wool is naturally breathable and hygroscopic? This means that it will stop you from feeling clammy. Its hygroscopic properties allow it to absorb water vapor in the air while the fibres naturally allow air to flow through, unlike synthetics that only breathe through pores in between the fibers in the fabric. Pillow Talk Australian wool


Did you know that wool has an outstanding stretch capacity? This means that it will stand the test of time and easily keep its shape, even when it has been well used. This is due to the Keratin protein meaning it will easily keep its shape. Wool can be stretched by 30% without losing its properties, this is unable to be replicated synthetically. Its complex coiled structure gives it resilience against becoming flat and hard.

Pillow Talk Australian wool

Temperature regulating

Did you know wool is a natural insulator? This means you’ll be warm in winter and cool in summer. In warmer temperatures wool fabrics feel twice as cool than synthetic fabrics. This is because wool conducts more heat away from your skin, transferring moisture vapour away and allowing it to evaporate. In cooler temperatures the natural kinks and bends in the wool fibres trap air to keep your body warm.

Pillow Talk Australian wool

Natural fibre

Did you know that wool is renewable and biodegradable? This means it’s better for the environment than its synthetic counterparts. A sheep renews its coat every year meaning wool is a natural renewable fibre. The Keratin protein, previously mentioned, allows wool to decompose in soil. The protein in the fibre provides nourishment to the soil in which it decomposes.

Pillow Talk Australian wool

Extra fun fact

Did you know wool is naturally anti-static? These natural qualities mean that wool products don’t attract lint, dirt or dust keeping it cleaner for longer.

Our Australian wool collection is sourced with quality Australian wool and is made in Australia. Together, we are supporting our local farming communities, and you get all the benefits of this local natural wonder fibre. Shop our Australian wool range.