Give Your Linen Cupboard A Makeover

In a time of uncertainty like we find ourselves in right now, a spring clean of a few cupboards is an easy way to clear your mind and feel a sense of accomplishment and control. Follow these easy steps for a clean, organised and insta-worthy linen cupboard!

1. Throw away those old towels and sheet sets you never use!

We all have a few sets of sheets and towels clogging up our shelves that were once our favourites, but we’ve since replaced with newer versions. If you haven’t used them in the last 6 months, chances are you never will again. Cut them up to use as rags in the garage or take them to your local animal shelter (if possible with social distancing).

2. Once you’ve decided what you will keep, fold everything the same way

Pull everything out and refold in the same manner, so they all fit together nicely and look uniform. While you’re doing this, teach everyone else in the house how you’d like it done to minimise the chance of the cupboard reverting to its former state.

3. But what about the fitted sheets?

We know how confusing and frustrating folding fitted sheets can be, but it really does make a huge difference to the overall look of your linen cupboard. We’ve created this easy to follow guide on exactly how to do it for you, here.


4. Keep your sheet sets and quilt cover sets together

Some people like to keep each type of linen separately, with all fitted sheets together, all flat sheets together and all pillowcases together. An alternative to this is to fold your fitted sheet and flat sheet and stack them on top of each other, then add one of the pillowcases folded neatly on top, then place all the folded items inside the remaining pillowcase. This is a simple and effective way of keeping entire sets together so pieces aren’t lost and to be able to grab a whole set quickly and easily.


5. Finally, add a diffuser

diffuser will help keep your linen smelling fresh as a daisy, even if it has been a few weeks or months since they were last used. Switch out the scent with the change of season so there is always something fresh in there.

We hope this guide has inspired you to give your linen cupboard a makeover! Share your makeovers with us with #PillowTalkAustraliaxYourComfortHome on Instagram and we will repost our favourites!