Designed in Australia, for a unique Australian Christmas

After a year that has been anything but normal, the traditions of Christmas are something that so many of us have been looking forward to. As we begin to prepare our tree and table, we wanted to share with you a little about how our Christmas collection designs came to life.

Christmas in Australia is celebrated in many ways. An extended dining table along the verandah for a full family affair, a long grazing picnic in the local park under the gum trees, or a casual day on our beautiful beaches snacking in between swims. It is these iconic and uniquely Australian ways of celebrating that inspired our in-house designers Tori Bishop and Jen Flemming to create our stunning, elevated Australiana Christmas collection.

Inspired by the Australian flora we are so lucky to enjoy close to our Brisbane studio, our designers drew upon memories of Christmas’-past, surrounded by their families and sitting under native trees. This sense of nostalgia and love for home and country became the basis of our Native Botanical collection. The collection pays homage to the festive season in Australian style and celebrates Christmas at home this year.

The modern interpretation of our flora and fauna connects us to our homeland with a new sophisticated aesthetic. With pops of metallic and texture this story brings a relaxed festive feel to any setting.

The idea of longevity was also a major inspiration for our designers. Each piece in the collection was thoughtfully crafted so that their use may be extended beyond the festive season. The idea of longevity also inspired the cohesiveness across styles and collections within the Christmas range. From Native Botanical to Modern Rustic, the pieces are interchangeable so multiple different looks can be created and styled in a variety of ways, whatever the occasion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the inspiration behind our Christmas collections that have been hand painted by our in-house artists Tori and Jen. We’d love to see how you style the collection in your own home, so share your images with us on Instagram with #PillowTalkChristmas. You can shop the entire collection, here.