A ‘soft life’ for spring

A soft life – sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But what does it actually mean? And how can we make our own homes and lives a little more ‘soft’? As spring dawns, we see that it is actually the perfect representation of a soft life. It’s a time of spring cleans (of houses and lives), renewed optimism and energy, and a feeling of comfort, relaxation and ease. By decluttering our spaces of all that makes us anxious and replacing it with items that bring us joy we allow ourselves to focus on the simple pleasures that surround us. A soft life embraces self-care, carves out balance, appreciates the beauty of nature, and ultimately fills up your cup. We’re filled with a sense of calm and serenity just thinking about it!

So, let’s do it, let’s make a soft life, and a soft home, together.

A home for the senses

Our senses align us back to our bodies, removing the focus from our thoughts and grounding us to the present. Creating a home that has all of our senses in mind is the perfect way to become more connected with ourselves. Use natural textures from linen to wool, embrace imperfection with hand made décor of organic shapes, strike a match and light a candle that grounds you in wonderful memories or reminds you of your favourite location. Give all your senses something to notice and experience. This is one of the easiest ways to create a welcome home with a relaxed atmosphere.

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Rewilding is all about appreciating the beauty of nature. It’s about allowing nature to be more present in our homes and in our lives. While we can’t all live in a cabin in the woods, we can bring a little of the wilderness to us. From organic textures to an abundance of plants, the benefits are endless. Organic textures connect us to the outdoors, so choose linen sheets for your bed or recycled teak stools in your kitchen. Plants also assist with this connection to nature but if you’re a little short on time to care for your plants, artificial greenery (while not exactly the same) evokes a similar calm. They’ll also look amazing all year round.

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Florals for spring might be a bit of cliché but hear us out! It’s the perfect way to merge together the comfort of home with natural charm. There is no denying this trend sparks joy and optimism and allows us to enjoy the outdoors whilst inside. Update your bouquets with new stems or completely redo the whole thing. You can never overdo it when it comes to flowers.

Be sure to let us know if you’re adding any of these to your daily life to feel more relaxed and recharged. We’d love to see how you incorporate the idea of a ‘soft life’ into your home so tag us on Instagram with @pillowtalkaustralia.