A little bit of comfort, shows a whole lot of love

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Whilst our appreciation for mums is year-round, a gesture on Mother’s Day will show them they’re always in our hearts and minds. So, we’ve created a handy gift guide for Mother’s Day gifts, guaranteed to bring a little extra comfort and show a whole lot of love.

Mums are often our biggest cheerleaders in life. Along with all the practical ways they sort out our lives, they lift us up with their support and comfort.  And we’re all about comfort.

Let’s recognise the mums in our lives with gifts that will last and provide comfort all year round. Mums of every kind, we appreciate you.

Comfort gifts of relaxation

We understand for mums it’s hard to find the time to relax and to take a moment just for themselves. This Mother’s Day give mum the gift of relaxation whatever that means for her. There’s something for every mum, whether her idea of relaxation is curling up on the sofa watching her favourite series, or taking a long indulgent bath. From a decadent spa-like towel, a super soft cosy robe to a new hug in a mug, you’ll be able to find mum the perfect gift to help her relax. For bonus points we suggest making mum her favourite cup of tea in her new hug mug – just the way she likes it.


Mother's Day gift guide | Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2021 | Pillow Talk

Comfort gifts of luxury:

A little luxury goes a long way, and we both know all mums deserve it! Nothing says luxury quite like getting your beauty sleep. Help give mum an excuse for a new daily ritual, with soft bamboo sheets and a silk pillowcase (or a silk eye mask if she really needs to escape). Plus, a morning wake-up in a cosy robe, and beautiful handmade soap with invigorating natural essential oils before the busy day gets started. And for bonus points, don’t forget to give her the time to switch off – hold those text messages or phone calls until she’s had her morning coffee.

Mother's Day gift guide | Pillow Talk

Comfort gifts for home:

There’s no place like home, just like there’s no roast dinner like Mum’s. Despite leading busy lives, mums are also often savvy home stylists, who love beautiful things. Help mum take a break from busy with stylish additions to create some calm in her home. There are lots of choices, which make gorgeous gifts, such as beautiful textured cushions, a cosy throw for winter warmth, or stunning champagne coupes, as life is too short not to use the best glassware! A refreshed entryway console with a beautiful floral arrangement, which she’ll love for years to come. And for bonus points, don’t forget to bring champagne with you, and keep her glass topped up.

Mother's Day gift guide | Pillow Talk