5 winter must-haves

As temperatures plummet, we’re all reaching for those extra layers and settling into our cherished cosy corners. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating the return of summer’s warmth or savouring the crisp chill of winter, there are certain essentials that can make the season infinitely more delightful. For all you homebodies, interior design aficionados, and winter enthusiasts out there, here’s a rundown of our essential top 5 items to elevate your cold-weather sanctuary:

1. The Ultimate Faux Fur Throw

Indulgence is key when it comes to staying warm and what could be more luxurious than wrapping yourself in a soft, faux fur throw? Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room, our latest faux fur collection not only provides warmth but also serves as a chic accessory. Drape one over each armchair and sofa to ensure you’re surrounded by snugness wherever you lounge.

In the picture, a woman sits on a green velvet chair holding a mug with a faux fur throw sitting across her lap. In front of the chair is a side table with a open book on top.

2. The Essential Warm Blanket

Throws are great for cuddling up on the couch, but when it’s time to retreat to the bedroom, nothing beats a good old-fashioned warm blanket. To maximise comfort, layer your blanket underneath your quilt – it’s a game-changer for those frosty nights. Trust us, slipping into a pre-warmed bed is one of life’s simple and profound joys.

A plush navy blue blanket is draped across a bed with white and blue bedding and cushions.

3. Cosy Slippers and a Plush Robe

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of slipping into a warm robe and plush slippers, especially on a chilly winter morning. Transform the act of rising from bed into a gentle, pampering experience. With these at the ready by your bedside, you’ll start every day enveloped in warmth.

Plush neutral toned slippers sit atop a bath mat

4. The Perfect Mug for Hot Beverages

Winter and warm beverages go hand in hand. If you find yourself re-filling your mug with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate repeatedly, why not do it in style? Elevate your hot drink ritual with a gorgeous new mug – and don’t skimp on the whipped cream and marshmallows for a truly indulgent treat that warms you from the inside out.

In this image, a green and natural toned mug with black coffee is being picked up by a person's hand

5. The Beloved Bath Sheet

While we adore them year-round, bath sheets truly come into their own during the chilly months. There’s nothing quite like enveloping yourself in a large, fluffy bath sheet after braving the elements (or just the space between your shower and the heater). They’re the comfort you crave when stepping out of a steaming shower into the chill of a winter bathroom.

A stack of blue, grey and green towels sit on top of a wooden stool with a green towel hanging in the background.

These covetable items promise to bring both warmth and style to your winter days. For ongoing sales, stylistic inspiration, and much more to fill your winter days with comfort and joy, be sure to follow us on Instagram @pillowtalkaustralia. Here’s to a season wrapped in comfort and full of serene moments at home!