Your guide to quilts vs coverlets

Quilts, Coverlets, and Blankets

With so many different options out there; quilts, coverlets, comforters and blankets, it can be impossible to know when to use which one and what is going to make you feel most comfortable all year ‘round! Follow our guide to what each type of covering is best for and be rewarded with your best sleep ever!


With over 20 different styles of quilts on our shelves you can be sure you’ll find the perfect one to keep you comfortable and warm! Each quilt we offer varies in weight, construction and fill to suit different weather conditions, personal preferences and budget. Quilts are the most common choice for the cooler months as they are the effective in keeping you cozy warm all night long however this isn’t to say that you can’t use a quilt in winter too. A  great quilt option for year ‘round comfort is the 350GSM Bamboo Quilt by Hilton. The bamboo viscose fill helps to regulate your body temperature to ensure you never feel too hot or too cold. Quilts also offer endless styling options with quilt cover sets. Show off your personal style with a quilt inside one of our gorgeous new quilt cover sets.

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Chunky Waffle Navy Quilt Cover Set


Coverlets are a great, lightweight option and are most popular during the warmer months. Coverlets are a single piece of fabric and thus are much lighter and cooler that a quilt inside a quilt cover set, yet can be just as stylish. You can shop our collection of 40 coverlets that vary in design, fabrication and price. Another great, versatile option if you like coverlets is choosing a quilted quilt cover set and using it without a quilt during the warmer months.

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Camden Aqua Coverlet Set


Comforters are an incredibly easy and versatile choice! Essentially a printed or patterned quilt, our comforters are incredibly easy to care for and pack up (our Snoozi Cubes pack up into a convenient cushion!) and thus are easy to transport with the kids to sleep overs or on camping trips. Comforters are also great for teaching kids to make their own beds as they don’t have to worry about quilts getting lost inside a quilt cover set! Comforters are medium weight and thus can be used by most people all year.

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A light summerweight blanket can be used on your bed every day! When the mercury really spikes a light summer blanket can be perfect for those who love to sleep with the feeling of something covering them and then can be kept on the bed throughout winter, underneath your quilt (always underneath so the quilt can breathe) for added warmth and coziness!

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Knit Weave 360gsm Cotton Blanket

We hope this has helped you decide whether a quilt, coverlet, comforter or blanket will be most comfortable for you and your family! Shop our entire bedding range, here, and don’t forget to share your new styles with us with #pillowtalkaustralia and keep in touch on Instagram and Facebook.

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