Your biggest bedding myths, busted!

In celebration of Sleep Awareness Week, we, the comfort experts, see it is as our duty to bust some of the most prevalent myths about your bedding! Whether it’s something your nanna told you or you’ve read online, let’s find out if it’s true…

Comfortable bed with quilt | Pillow Talk

“If I’ve got a mattress topper, I don’t need a protector.” 

BUSTED: Mattress toppers are one of the best foundations you can add to your bed for cloud-like comfort or support, but given their size, they are not easy to wash. You should always add a mattress protector over the top of your topper for the purposes of hygiene and keeping dust-mites and other bacteria out.

“I should replace my pillow every two years.” 

BUSTED: A quality pillow made of natural fibres can have a significantly longer life; much more than two years. The key to getting the most out of your pillow is to regularly air it out on a warm, sunny morning, ideally for a few hours around three or four times a year and to always have a pillow protector.

A heavy quilt will be warmer than a light one.”

BUSTED: There is often very little correlation between the weight and the warmth of a quilt. The warmth of a quilt or blanket comes from the fibres it is made from and how those fibres trap air to produce warmth. Our 90/10 feather and down quilt is both one of the lightest, and warmest, quilts we sell.

Every Season Wool Quilt on Bed | Pillow Talk

“I should wash my quilt in the machine once a month.”

BUSTED: While some quilts are machine washable, it is far better for the fibres of your quilt for it to be aired out on a sunny day than to be washed in the machine. Sunlight naturally kills dust mites and the added airflow will result in your quilt feeling loftier and warmer than before.


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