Trend Alert: Quirky Candles

If you’ve been on social media this year, there is no way you’ve missed the shaped candle trend! They’ve become one of the hottest trends we’ve seen in quite some time and they’re not burning out anytime soon.

Now we know what you may be thinking, am I supposed to actually burn these candles? Won’t they lose their shape? And the answer to this is entirely up to you! There is definitely a beauty in seeing the shape of these candles morph as they dwindle, but others prefer to keep their gorgeous sculptural form intact. We personally love our shells, bubbles and bodies shapes as they are, for an elevated elegance throughout the home. If you’re looking to invest in this highly Instagramable trend, here are our top picks.

Shell Candle

Pillow Talk shell shaped candle decor

Bulle Candle

Pillow Talk quirkly bubble shaped candle decor

Femelle Candle

We can’t wait to see your candles all over our Instagram feeds. Be sure to tag us @pillowtalkaustralia in your styling!