Top 7 tips for a fun beach day with kids

Create the best family day out with our top 7 tips

There’s nothing better than spending quality time with our kids, especially at the beach. It’s where memories are made, right? While it is the best of days, it does mean extra snacks to prepare and towels to pack! To make sure you pack everything you need for your memory-making beach day with the kids we’ve put together our top 7 tips on how to create the best family day at the beach.

Pillow Talk hooded kids beach towels

  1. Hooded beach towels

An essential made fun! A hooded beach towel is a great way to add some fun to your beach day with kids. They’ll love drying themselves while getting to be a mermaid or a shark and they’ll also look super cute while doing it.

  1. Sun shelter

Shade is always essential for a beach trip – especially when taking your kids! For a sun shade that is easy to put up and provides lots of shade, a beach cabana or a beach umbrella is great choice. This will allow you to enjoy the day for longer and to eliminate some of the worry around sun safety. It’s the perfect home point for snacks and rest on the sand.

  1. Sunscreen and lots of it

While there is nothing we love more than the sun shining and spending time at the beach it’s important to keep sun safety front of mind. Be sure to pack lots of sunscreen for both you and the kids to ensure the fun day out isn’t clouded by burnt noses.

  1. Pack the night before

Getting the packing done the night before means that you can enjoy the morning instead of having to rush out the door and potentially forget an essential item. A stress-free morning is the perfect way to start your beach day.

Yellow and blue striped beach bags

  1. A beach bag

From towels to tankinis, keep everything contained in one convenient location. A large tote bag is the perfect choice for all the essentials while still making them easy to access and carry.

  1. Cooler bags

A refreshing drink after a dip in the sea is one of life’s simple pleasures! Keep your drinks cold and refreshing with a cooler bag. A soft cooler bag is perfect for packing into a full car to avoid the inevitable game of Tetris!

  1. Snacks

Last but not least snacks for both the little, and big, kids! All this fun can be tiring so you’ll want to pack some healthy snacks.

We hope our checklist helps you have the best day at the beach with your kids.