Top 3 interior trends for 2023

As we entered 2023, we surrounded ourselves with nature and the outdoors as we slowly transition into a post pandemic world. Having spent the better part of the last few years indoors we filled our homes with elements of nature from organic shapes, natural textures and biophilic design. As we step into the new year of 2023, we continue these ideals but take them in a more elegant and traditional form, with a key focus on comfort. In 2023, we want our home environment to stimulate a sense of calm, timelessness, and stillness; an escape from the stresses we encounter.

Return to tradition

With an element of uncertainty in the world we’re turning to tradition and familiarity to provide us with a sense of comfort. We see classic influences returning, with ‘grandmillennial’ style, cottage core and farmers market chic all dominating the trends for homewares in 2023. Delicate ditsy patterns, scalloped edges and market flowers are key to this trend and are perfect for creating a warm, cosy, comforting feeling at home.

Pillow Talk ditsy floral quilt cover set

Indoor outdoor living

As a continuation from 2022 we will continue to create a harmonious experience between the indoor and the outdoors and a seamless integration from one space to the other. Beyond just indoor plants we look to open our indoor spaces to our gardens and patios. We turn to ultra-comfortable and luxe materials for our outdoor furniture that feel more like indoor pieces. This trend is all about a relaxing areas that allow us to feel calm and relaxed.

Pillow Talk elevated outdoor are

Maximalism individualism

We’re going bold in 2023! From colour to patterns we’re filling our homes with more of what we love. We have a desire to curate joyful spaces that reflect the essence of who we are as individuals. As the pendulum swings away from minimalism, the maximalism trend is that of curation. In 2023, fill your home with artwork, knickknacks, pictures and pieces that have personal meaning and represent who you are as a person. We see a move away from coordinated spaces and matching sets and see it replaces with unique pieces, heirlooms or thrifted finds.

Your home is your space to express yourself in the purest way, so when people walk through your front door in 2023, let them instantly know who you are and what you love!

Pillow talk 2023 trend for your home

We can’t wait to see these trends in your homes. Be sure to tag us in photos @pillowtalkaustralia