Step Into Spring Rug Styling

Kick off the socks and slippers and indulge in a little year-round comfort, with a spring style-spin! Perfect for a little extra warmth underfoot on the lingering cool mornings yet providing a fresh, on-trend look for spring, a new rug may just be the missing piece you’ve been looking for. With so many sizes, fabrics and styles however, choosing the right one can seem a little daunting. Just like a good pair of jeans though, once you find the perfect one, you won’t know how you lived without it. With these top tips for effortless rug styling, buying your dream rug will be a breeze.

Living room style

Your living area is one of the most popular spaces for a rug within the home. When choosing a rug for your living area, whether it’s generously sized or small and cosy, ensure it doesn’t end up looking like wall–to–wall carpet. Rugs should be thought of as an accent piece to help define a space and generally need at least 30cm of exposed floor around each side to feel proportionate to the room.

A common challenge with placing a rug in a living room, is how to position it in relation to a sofa, which is often the focal point of the room. Our top tip is to place the front two legs of each sofa or chair on the rug leaving the back ones off. This layout unifies all the furniture in the space and works in most situations to create a good sense of proportion.

How to layer rugs over carpet

Rug layering over carpet is one of the biggest trends in interior decorating right now and you’ve likely seen it popping up everywhere on social media. Traditionally rugs have been used to protect floorboards or tiles from daily wear and tear, but they are also the perfect way to bring colour, texture and interest to a space. Here’s a few more reasons why we love this trend so much:

  1. Highlights an area and draws your eye to a specific space
  2. Defines and anchors a space in larger areas
  3. Introduces bolder colour and pattern choices
  4. Adds texture and depth
  5. Opportunity to showcase a smaller rug

While there are no hard and fast rules about layering your rugs, neutral tones usually work well when layered. This is a trend that can transcend through any area of your home.

Ask our stylist

Our resident rug-lover and in-house stylist Jenny, has given us her top three quick design tips for styling rugs.

  1. Look & Feel

What are you needing from your rug? Establishing the reason for your rug will help with deciding which rug is right for you. Are you positioning it in a high traffic area where it will need to be hard wearing or are you wanting something soft underfoot with a luxurious feel? You can find out more about which fabrics and finishes will suit your needs in our rug buying guide, here.

  1. Anchor space

Rugs have the ability to transform a room! For a symmetric look in your bedroom, position your rug halfway under the bed, with an equal amount under and on the outside of the bed, with at least 30cm peeking out from either side as well. In a dining room anchor the space by having all chair legs fitting onto the rug with room for the chairs to move in and out.

  1. On trend vintage overdye look

For on-trend style opt for an overdye look. This creates a beautiful old-world heritage feel with a current contemporary aesthetic. You can see our range of overdye style rugs, here.

Remember, you are the one living in the space so don’t be afraid to bend the rules! We hope we’ve been able to inspire you to choose a new rug for your space or try something new like layering a rug over carpet. For more tips and tricks on rug styling, be sure to check out our rug buying guide, here and send us your rug styling pictures on Instagram with #PillowTalkAustralia and #RugTalk.