Set Up A Home Office You Love

Suddenly many of us find ourselves having to set up a work space at home. Having the perfect place to work is vital for productivity but if this is only a temporary solution for you, you many not want to go out and buy a raft of items you’ll seldom use again. Here we bring you some inspiration for versatile pieces that can be used throughout your home once you’re back in the office!


Once you have your desk or table sorted, the next essential item is storage so you can keep organized, and if need be, pack up at the end of the day to reclaim the space.

Instead of buying an uninspiring office caddy that will be added to the kerb collection once you are back to work, why not use a set of bedside drawers.

These are the perfect size to slide neatly under a table or desk and best of all will still have a use down the track. Butlers trays are also a great option for extending your work area if you are used to a corner desk!


Likewise, if you don’t have an office chair but will be spending your time sitting at a desk, grab a dining chair and add a comfy chair pad or a favorite cushion.

For extra comfort add a pouf or footstool and you may just forget you are at work!

Even though you are in the comfort of your own home, make sure you continue to sit up straight at your desk and choose a chair that is the correct height to avoid enduring a sore back by the end of the day.


Don’t have a pen holder, but need one? Repurpose a toothbrush holder, favorite mug or pretty jar to keep all of your stationary together and easily accessible.

No desk lamp? Why not have one you like to look at! Elevate it on a stack of magazines or books so that the light is just above your eye height and falling over your work space and place it just to one side.

Once you’re back in your usual office, you’ll be able to redecorate other spaces within your home with these new pieces!

The Fun Stuff

You’re not surrounded by colleagues now, so indulge in all those things you’ve always wanted to.

Have some fun with your decor and bring some of your favourite things into your work zone; add a luxurious faux fur throw to your chair, hang some art that you love, add an artificial plant or a vase of flowers and light a candle or put a some diffuser reeds nearby and soon you will be looking forward to getting to the office!

We hope this helped make setting up your home office a little easier! Do you have any other tips for a home office? Let us know on Instagram with #PillowTalkAustralia.