Scents To Lift Your Mood In Every Room Of The Home

In the trying times we currently find ourselves in, we are encouraged to spend as much time at home as we possibly can. For many this means working, eating, exercising, relaxing and sleeping all in the same space. Adding new and different fragrances for the different parts of your day is the perfect way to separate your work life from your home life and to easily nod off to sleep at the end of the day. And the best part, for a limited time, take advantage of our in-store exclusive 3 for 2 offer on our Circa Home range.

For the home office

Circa Home Cotton Flower & Freesia – This fresh, floral sent will have you believing you are taking a walk through a park on a spring morning with all the trees in bloom. Cotton Flower and Freesia is a beautiful blend of freesia, white rose, cucumber and musk. This scent is perfect for the home office as it is as refreshing as it is uplifting and will help you breeze through your work day.


For when it’s time to exercise

After the refreshing and uplifting scents you’ve enjoyed in your home office, try something a little more energizing during your home workout. The Circa Home Blood Orange Classic Candle is the perfect blend of blood orange, grapefruit, apple and jasmine, which is sure to give you a boost when you need it most. Another great, invigorating scent is Pear and Lime; an explosion of citrus through the blend of zesty Mexican lime, anjou pear, warm vanilla and sandalwood.

For the kitchen, when you’re cooking dinner

When you’ve clocked off at the end of the day, light your Circa Home Kitchen Alchemy candle for an uplifting fragrance of wild mint, white tea and bergamot to help keep your kitchen smelling cleansed and refreshed.


For your evening wind-down in a hot bath

There is no better way to wind-down at the end of the day than with a hot bubble bath, made even more relaxing with the Circa Home Jasmine and Magnolia scent. This tender balance of jasmine and magnolia is brushed by hints of frangipani and ylang ylang and will bring a sense of peace and calm into your space.

For nodding off to sleep

While you should never let a candle burn while you sleep, let the calming scent of the Circa Home Oceanique candle fill your bedroom in the hour before you go to sleep to allow yourself to drift off with ease. Oceanique is a calming blend of orange blossom and bergamot with a base of patchouli and sandalwood.


Candle care

After you’ve chosen your scents for each room, here’s how to care for your new candles

The first thing to consider before using your fragrance is placement. Find a place that has minimal airflow, with a heat resistant surface and non-flammable goods nearby. High airflow areas such as near air conditioners, under fans or at a window will increase the burning speed of your candle. It may also create black soot in the candle wax from excessive flickering.

Follow the right burn time for your candle to prevent wax tunnelling. This is when the wax of the candle only burns in the middle and doesn’t reach the outer edge. This can also occur if you cut the wick too short. After burning your candle, extinguish the flame and let the wax cool and solidify before moving or re-burning.  If there is any discolouration around the glass, give it a wipe over to prevent the discolouration being added to the wax when you re-burn.

Most candles come with excess wick that will need to be trimmed to 7mm before lighting. Lighting a longer wick can cause a mess with black smoke and soot from the cotton burning without a wax base, which will ruin the candle and could dirty nearby areas. It can also interfere with the life of your candle, which makes quite a difference if you light a longer wick each time you light the candle.

How long should my fragrance last?

Here’s a guide to how long you can expect your candle to last, and the minimum and maximum times you should burn your candle for in one sitting.

60g Candle  – 15 hours – Minimum burn time 1/2 hour – Maximum burn time 2 hours.

260g Candle – 40 hours – Minimum burn time 1 hour – Maximum burn time 4 hours.

A 250ml Circa Home diffuser will last, once opened, up to 3 months. Environmental factors such as direct sunlight or breezes and the frequency you flip your reeds will impact the lifespan of your diffuser.

We hope we are able to bring a little more comfort and fragrance into your stay at home. Let us know which scent is your favourite for every room of the home on Instagram with #PillowTalkAustraliaxCircaHome. Don’t forget, for a limited time, take advantage of our in-store exclusive 3 for 2 offer on our Circa Home range.