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How To Set Your Coffee Table For Christmas

Two Ways To Style Your Coffee Table For Christmas

Coffee tables can be one of two things – an inexplicable collation of old magazines, coasters and remotes, or a carefully curated showpiece brimming with stylish books, ornaments, and not a coaster in sight.

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s increasingly important to be guest-ready. That means no mess! Whether you’re hosting a grand-scale festive feast, or simply expecting a relative or two, there’s no better feeling than feeling proud of the place you call home. Your coffee table, while small, is the focal point of your living room, and styling it for the season ahead can bring a whole other element to the room. Exude the exceedingly put-together aura we all aspire to with the chic, Christmas-themed coffee table of your choice in just a few simple steps.

Look 1 – Candle Holders

Step 1:

Start with your classic coffee table, complete with a chic coffee table book and two of our Hastings Candle Holders.

Step 2:

Repurpose the candle holders and fill them with a selection of our stunning baubles. 

Step 3:

Position two Comet Reindeer on the coffee table book to add another element of intrigue.

Step 4:

Top it off with one of our delicious Circa Home Christmas Candles, and bask in the glow of your gorgeous new centrepiece.

Look 2 – Decorative Plate

Step 1:

Keep your coffee table as is - mug, glasses and all.

Step 2:

Use one of our versatile Isle Decorative Plates as a base for what's to come.

Step 3:

Place two Comet Reindeer on one side of the plate.

Step 4:

Find two mason jars varying in size, filling one with a tea light, and the other with our  Cluster LED Warm White String Lights.

Step 5:

Arrange an array of baubles around the jars.

Step 6:

Continue to add decorations until the plate is sufficiently styled, and enjoy your low-key, lit-up Christmas creation.

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