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The Perfect Easter At Home

While Easter may look a little different this year, there is still plenty of joy to be found in a long weekend spent at home; especially when chocolate and hot cross buns are involved! Here we share some of the ways the Pillow Talk team are spending their Easter this year, without leaving the home, to give you a little inspiration.

1. Set a beautiful Easter table

Setting a big, beautiful table for Easter is a tradition in Jessie’s family and there is no reason why that can’t continue this year! There may only be 2 physical guests sitting around it, but the extended family will call in via Houseparty on an iPad that will take pride of place in the middle of the table. Jessie’s table will be set with the Pelham Tablecloth and Ashra Napkins, as well as the Gumnut Placemats, Robert Gordon Hug Mugs and plenty of hot cross buns!

2. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed

Margie is planning to surprise her partner with breakfast in bed on Easter Sunday morning. While they’d normally be off visiting family, this year they plan to take things at a slower pace, sleeping in and enjoying breakfast in bed.

Margie says, “Just because Easter is a little different this year and we’d rather be visiting family, I’m taking the opportunity to see the positive side, spend some quality time with my partner and enjoy a lazy long weekend!”.

3. Camp in the backyard, roast marshmallows on the BBQ and a picnic by the pool

Like countless others, Georgina had planned to camp this Easter at Glen Rock National Park.  While those plans have been cancelled, Georgina and her partner plan to replicate the experience… just in the backyard; “You just have to get a little creative!” Georgina says. Instead of roasting marshmallows over a fire, it will be over the BBQ and instead of a picnic by the lake, it will be by the pool. We’re sure they’ll hardly notice the difference!

4. Tricky Easter egg hunt and bunny tea party

With two kids to keep entertained all weekend, Trudi will be getting creative with her Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning. Trudi says, “This year I’m going to make the hunt a little trickier than usual! They’ll be searching in pot plants, the letterbox, the fruit bowl and even underneath a lampshade!”.

After that’s done, Trudi and her daughter will have an Easter bunny tea party and get stuck into all the chocolates they found.

5. Virtual games nights

Taryn and Chelsea have a tradition of playing board games every Christmas and Easter, so they’re simply taking their rivalry online this year. From Pictionary to Guess Who, nothing is going to get in the way of their games nights. With a myriad of videocall apps available, there is no reason to miss out on spending time with friends over the long weekend, or any other time.

6. Holiday planning

Global traveler, Fiona, will be spending her Easter long weekend planning her next getaway. In uncertain times like we currently find ourselves, it’s important to gaze beyond the present and start dreaming of all the places we will go and things we will do when it is safer to do so.

On the top of Fiona’s list? Europe of course.

We hope we’ve inspired you to think outside the box this Easter as there are still so many ways to spend your time joyfully and productively. Share your Easter with us on Instagram with #PillowTalkAustraliaEaster.