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Trend Edit : Calming Tones

Trend Edit: Calming Tones

While fresh flowers might be the first thing you think of come springtime, the ocean is a very close second. Is there anything as enticing as a deep breath of fresh sea air? It’s hard to find fault with a day spent with bare feet buried in the soft sand. Look to cool, calming tones for an undeniably relaxed atmosphere, create an oasis in the comfort of your own home, and glide into spring as stress-free as ever.

Greta White Quilt Cover Set

If you’re looking for a subtle way to introduce blues into your bedroom, keep your base crisp and white and add a tonal throw for an instantly fresh feeling.

Emile Quilt Cover Set

Despite the fact that this new season trend centres around variations of the colour blue, that isn’t to say that other shades can’t be calming. Soft, textured neutrals and golds are the perfect way to create a serene aura, without relying on pigment.

Terrace Quilt Cover Set

So say farewell to your winter blues by looking to your spring ones. Enjoy a truly blissful spring and bring the beach home long after your holiday is over.

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