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Our Top Tips For A Spring Clean!

Spring has sprung! It’s the time of year when flowers start to bloom, the weather heats up and we generally feel a little fresher! It’s also the perfect time of year to shed some of your older household items and give your décor a fresh new look with a few spring favourites!

We all know there is nothing like the feeling of jumping into a bed with brand-new sheets so why not treat yourself to that fresh feeling with our spring-perfect Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set!  Available in a gorgeous array of pastel shades, this set is nothing short of luxurious to the touch.


Now that you’ve got your luxurious new sheets, continue that fresh new feeling with the Chunky Waffle Quilt Cover Set! A white quilt cover set will add an air of crisp calmness to the room and really soak up that early morning light!

Chunky Waffle Quilt Cover Set

Finally, shed those old towels and rejuvenate your bathroom with our stunning new Oslo and Stockholm ranges! Combining two styles of bath towels, one patterned and one plain, or two towels of different but complementing colours, will give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. Plus, just like fresh sheets, there is no comparing the feeling of some luxuriously fresh, new bath towels!

Bath Towels

What else do you like to refresh in your home when spring rolls around? We’d love to see your pictures and hear your stories with #pillowtalkaustralia