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Create natural luxury with eco-friendly fibres

Create Natural Luxury With Eco-friendly Fibres

In 2018, most of us are environmentally aware. We all go the extra mile to separate our recyclables, not leave the water running and turn off the lights. But we can always do more. Do you ever stop and think: “how can I extend my eco-friendly ways to other aspects of my lifestyle?” If going green is something you’ve always wanted to do but you’re not sure exactly how, you’ve come to the right place.

Taking care of the environment can encompass a range of initiatives, and revamping your bedroom with natural fibres is an important first step. We’re all well aware of the incredible benefits of natural products on our sleep health and overall well-being. But did you ever stop to consider their positive effect on the environment? As sustainable as they are snuggly, you can sleep soundly knowing you’re doing right by yourself, and planet Earth.

But in saying that, just because you’re opting for eco-friendly options doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything on the feeling front. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Find the perfect middle ground between conservation and comfort and create a naturally luxurious sleep setting with eco-friendly fibres. Here’s how to get started!

Bamboo sheets


If you’re constantly waking up feeling overly hot or cold, from sheets to quilts, bamboo is your best bet. Incredible at regulating body temperature and wicking away moisture, bamboo is a godsend for sweaty sleepers. A bamboo quilt is the perfect companion for those who enjoy a warm, yet light-weight feel in the wintertime, and still seek the comfort of covers come summer.

Ask anyone in the Pillow Talk team what sort of sheets they prefer and they will all rave about the unparalleled night’s sleep they enjoy on their set of bamboo sheets. Second to none in many people’s opinions, these super soft sheets are ever-popular – and for good reason.

When it comes to its environmental impact, there’s yet another reason to make the swap to a bamboo sleep setting. As one of the fastest growing natural resources that requires very little water, bamboo is a sustainable, long-term alternative to traditional fabrics. It’s also durable  – easy on your pockets and the planet!

Down quilt


Do you know what the difference is between down and feather? In short, down clusters don’t have quills. As a result, goose down quilts and pillows are softer and lighter than their feather counterparts. Fluffy and lofty, down has forever been associated with impeccable quality. Down products will follow the natural contour of your body, molding to its shape. Warm, but not weighty, for those who crave a hotel-quality sleep every night of the year, down is the natural fibre for you. The true epitome of natural luxury, down really needs no further introduction.

On the eco-friendly front, this fibre is fully biodegradable, renewable and is created from by-products, so selecting a down quilt is a great way to avoid landfill and conserve resources.

Wool blanket


Wool is unquestionably warm, and for many of us, a luxurious sleep stems from feeling snug. Nothing compares to the cosy feeling of curling up under a real wool blanket. However, you might be surprised to know that due to its absorbency and heat transferring abilities, it’s suitable for every season, type of sleeper and couple. If you’re looking to invest in your sleep health, explore our selection of wool products and stock up on pillows, underblankets and more. While you’re at it, why not add an extra touch of luxury with a statement lambswool cushion that feels as good as it looks?

Proven to promote deeper, more restful dreams, you’ll wake up feeling as refreshed as ever. Speaking of refreshed, did you know that wool is naturally replenished? Renewable and incredibly eco-friendly, you’re making a difference by choosing wool. You’re also supporting local farmers –  our wool is Australian. Just ask our buyers who can trace each of our Aussie-made wool product back to the exact farm where it was sheared. Amazing, right?