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Comfort Expert: Debbie Farrell

Celebrating Mother's Day

Our bedding expert, Debbie, has been with Pillow Talk for over 30 years! Your best night’s sleep is the reason she gets up each day. Her knowledge is second to none. With World Sleep Day this Friday, who better to ask about creating the perfect bed.

What products are on your bed?

On my bed I have our latex mattress topper and our Australian woollen underblanket. In the warmer months I use our quilted bamboo blanket and then in winter I swap between the duck down quilt and our goose down quilt.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love hearing the stories of people who have purchased my products and then have had amazing sleeping experiences. People are so stressed and time poor these days, so a great sleep keeps them healthy and happy – this makes me so happy.

Goose Down Quilt

What is one thing you’ve learnt about a product that you’ve found most interesting?

I wouldn’t say there is one product exclusively, but I am always so fascinated with natural fibre’s innate insulating and temperature regulating properties. I like to refer to them as the fibres of the gods as they have been around for thousands of years and are still here today!

Bamboo Blanket

If you could give a customer one piece of advice to get their best night’s sleep, what would it be?

Your bed should be your personal nest. Build your comfort up from the bottom. Once you have chosen your mattress, start adding your comfort layers, which can be changed for evolving comfort needs as you go through different stages of life. Take time to really consider your choice of pillow to ensure it suits you perfectly, then consider the level of warmth you need. Are you a warm sleeper or a cool sleeper? Do you have any allergies? Chat to our in-store comfort experts and they will be able to go through all of this with you. Before you know it, you’re going to have a bed that you’ll be bounding out of in the morning because you’ve just had a really great night’s sleep.

Do you have a question about your bedding? Contact our friendly customer service team any time here or visit our team at your closest store and we’ll be happy to help!