How to Reuse Your Old Candle Jar

After you’ve enjoyed the beautiful aroma of your Circa Home or Glasshouse candle it would be such a shame to simply throw away the lovely thick glass jar that it comes in. There are so many great ways these jars can be repurposed, so here are a couple of creative ideas for giving it a totally new use.

Use as a succulent planter!

Succulents are undoubtedly one of the most popular indoor plants at the moment, so why not create a chic new succulent garden in only a few minutes with your old candle jar. All you’ll need is your empty candle jar, some paper towel, a succulent, potting mix and a few tiny white pebbles.


Step 1

To clean out any remaining wax, soak the jar in hot water and wipe out the excess with paper towel. You are able to put the jar in your dishwasher, however we would recommend hand washing. If you are finding the wax difficult to remove, you may need to repeat the process.

Step 2

Fill the base of the jar with a small amount of potting mix and then transfer your succulent. Add a little more potting mix on top if required, but be sure to only fill the jar to around one or two centimetres from the lip. Succulents are easy to care for and don’t require a lot of watering or upkeep. They also don’t require a pot with drainage (assuming you don’t over water them!) making them perfect for our candle jars!

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you could substitute a real plant for one of our imitation succulents. There would be no watering and no one would ever know!

Step 3

The one or two centimetre gap we suggested you leave at the top is so you can add in the white pebbles that will give your new succulent the designer look we all love! Simply scatter a small amount of pebbles on top of the potting mix, without covering the potting mix entirely.

A jar for your cotton buds!

Not only can you make a new little succulent garden with your old candle jar, you can also use it to store your cotton buds in a seriously chic way! Simply clean out your jar as in step 1 above, fill with cotton buds and place on your bathroom vanity. The lid will ensure your cotton buds are kept clean and free from dust. If you have multiple left over jars, why not try both ideas as succulents usually thrive in a bathroom environment.

And if you had something a little sweeter in mind, switch our the cotton buds for sweet treats and this jar will make the perfect lolly jar for your desk!

We hope we’ve been able to inspire you to reuse your old candle jars! Shop our Circa Home and Glasshouse collections in-store or online and share your images with us on Instagram with #PillowTalkAustralia.