How To Refresh Your Bedding

If you’ve got a bit more free time than usual, who not do some of those little things you’ve been putting off, but will make you feel oh-so-accomplished after; like refreshing your bedding! Here are our top four easy steps you can take, that don’t cost a cent, but will make a world of difference to your sleep quality each night.

1. Air your pillows on the washing line

Not all types of pillows are washable, and even the ones that are, will benefit from a few hours on the washing line each fortnight. Airing your pillows in the sun will help kill dust mites, allergens and any other bacteria or nasties that might be hiding in there.

While you’re doing this, check them to make sure they’re still what you want to be sleeping on. Remember, if you want to prolong the life of your pillow, airing them regularly and investing in a pillow protector are two easy steps you can take.

Wool Therapy Washable Pillow Protector

2. Wash your quilt

We know it doesn’t always seem obvious, but your quilt is sleeping with you every night and so it’s important to wash it a couple of times a year to ensure it stays fresh and clean.

Ensure you carefully read the washing instructions on your quilt to ensure it is safe to wash and also check that your washing machine has the capacity to wash something to large and heavy.

If your quilt is not recommended to be washed, airing it on the line like we mentioned above with your pillows will do wonders for it. Try airing it in the morning for a few hours and you will see quilts made of natural fibres plump up beautifully!

3. Wash your mattress and pillow protectors

It’s easy to forget about washing your mattress and pillow protectors, but it’s important to remember they play a vital role in keeping your bedding hygienic. Not only do they extend the life of your mattress, they shield you against unwanted moisture, bacteria and dust mites. Ensure you thoroughly read the washing instructions on your mattress and pillow protector first, but we recommend giving them a clean every 1 – 2 weeks.


4. Flip your mattress and add a topper

If you’re sleeping in the same position on your mattress and in the same spot every night, chances are that after a period of time, your mattress will start to develop dents or dips. If your mattress is a double-sided mattress be sure to flip and rotate it regularly; this way, it will wear more evenly. If your mattress isn’t providing the comfort you’re after but you’re not ready for a new one, consider investing in adding a mattress topper to bring some extra comfort and support.

We hope this guide helps you enjoy your best night’s sleep yet! If you’re busy refreshing your bedding this long weekend, why not add something beautiful like a new quilt cover set as well to make it feel completely brand-new? Some of our most beautiful designs are on sale now! Share your bedroom makeovers with us on Instagrm with #PillowTalkAustraliaxYourComfortHome