How to make a dried flower Christmas wreath

A beautiful wreath on your front door is a quintessential indicator that Christmas is near. This year we thought we’d give this much-loved tradition a modern, simplistic and trending update and show you just how we did it! Create your very own DIY dried flower Christmas wreath with this easy to follow guide.

1. Collect your materials

To get started, collect all the bits and pieces you will need to create your DIY dried flower wreath. We have used our Golden Rings Set of Three, a selection of our artificial stems and flowers, string, scissors and ribbon.

2. Create the base of your Christmas wreath

To create the base of your Christmas wreath, choose a stem that is textural and thick. Bend segments of the stem around the largest of your hoops, tying on securely as you go. Try to cover the bottom third of your hoop as a minimum.

3. Now it’s time to embellish your wreath

Follow the same process as in step 2 to layer your contrasting stems over the top of your base stem. When you get to the final layer of stems, use your dried flowers or berries.

4. The finishing touches

Finish off your Christmas wreath by tying a large bow at the bottom in the centre. If you’d like, you can also add other decorative touches like wooden beads, dried citrus rounds and led Christmas lights to personalise your wreath.

5. Put your new DIY Christmas wreath on display

After your hard work is done, use removable 3M hooks to display your Christmas wreath on the front door of your home for the epitome of modern, simplistic festive charm!


We hope we’ve been able to show you how to make a Christmas wreath in a fun, easy way! If DIY is not for you, you can shop our range of ready-to-hand wreaths. Share your Christmas wreath with us on Instagram with #PillowTalkAustralia.