How to fold a bunny napkin for Easter

With Easter only just around the corner, we’ve been busy little bunnies preparing for Easter entertaining. There’s much to do, from styling beautiful place settings to planning the menu for the Easter long weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the leadup!

Want an easy idea to get into the spirit of Easter? Try folding your napkins in a cute, creative way this year. Here are two creative ways for folding an Easter bunny napkin with some easy-to-follow instructions.


For the crafty ones! Adorable 3D Easter Bunny Napkin

This 3D bunny napkin fold is sure to impress your guests! Watch our easy to follow video for a step-by-step guide to creating this adorable bunny for your table.

For this style, you’ll need:

How to fold an Easter Bunny Napkin | Pillow Talk


The easy one! Big-Eared Easter Bunny Napkin

With this method, your napkin will look like an adorable bunny’s head. It’s also a great way to present a choccy surprise to your guests, as it can perfectly cradle a standard Easter egg!

For this style, you’ll need:

Easter Bunny Napkin fold around egg | Pillow Talk


Step 1: Lay your napkin out flat

Step 2: Fold in half, into a triangle

Step 3: Fold again into a smaller triangle

Step 4: Roll! Starting from the longest edge of the triangle, roll your napkin until you reach the point and tuck that in before you finish rolling.

Step 5: Fold in half around an egg (you can remove the egg after) and secure about halfway up with string or twine to create the illusion of bunny ears! For an adorable touch, use a black marker to make the cutest bunny face.

How to fold an easy Easter bunny napkin | Pillow Talk

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