Guide: Quilts, Coverlets & Beyond

A trip to Pillow Talk may seem like a simple feat. Picking up a few goodies, browsing the latest trends; it has all the makings of the perfect day out. But when it comes to re-dressing your bed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the array of options on offer. Quilt, coverlet, comforter or blanket – how do you choose? Instead of pondering the endless combinations, why not take advantage of our easy, online guide and set the record straight? Find the perfect covering to suit your sleep style and enjoy your best night’s sleep yet.


Think of it this way: a coverlet is a traditional bedspread of sorts. A lovely, lightweight alternative to a quilt come summertime, coverlets aren’t usually associated with winter bedding – but that isn’t to say they shouldn’t be. Similar to a quilted quilt cover set, coverlets work best with blankets. For a cosy winter sleep setting, start with a sheet set, layer a blanket for extra warmth, and top it off with a coverlet of your choice. Increasingly used for layered looks in winter, a coverlet is a versatile styling tool. Pair it with a lush throw or luxe blanket to create the illusion of decadent warmth. A simple, hassle free alternative to a quilt and quilt cover set, coverlets lend themselves to messy teens and minimalists alike.

Quilts and Quilt Cover Sets:

We’re all familiar with a quilt, and its cover. But how do you know if this combination will work for you? In short, quilts are integral to comfort. On the other hand, quilt cover sets are at the core of bedroom fashion. Swapping out your quilt cover set can completely transform your space. Make the swap to suit the season, or to complement your current décor – there are infinite options. Show off your personal style with one of our stunning quilt cover sets and keep warm with a good quality quilt – win/win!


Many of you might be wondering what differentiates a comforter from a coverlet – and you’re not alone. To put a stop to the confusion, simply think of a comforter as a patterned quilt. Thick, warm and cosy, a comforter needs no companion. Without the need for an additional cover, comforters make for an easy option for kids – gone are the days of your pesky quilt getting lost inside its cover!

For added convenience and versatility, be sure to check out our Cosy Cube – cosy quilt by night, comfortable cushion by day.


A good blanket is essential. Whether you drape it over the couch or layer it on your bed, there’s no cosier feeling than curling up under a high-quality blanket. Ranging from microfibre to wool, you’re sure to find a fibre (and finish) that suits both your warmth needs and overall aesthetic.

Buyers tip: When layering, always place your blanket underneath your quilt so the quilt can breathe!