Easy DIY Christmas decoration

If there was ever a time to be creative – Christmas is it! From gifts to decorations a little creativity goes a long way at this festive time! One of our favourite places to add a little DIY is our Christmas table. Your Christmas ornaments need not be reserved for your tree and feel equally at home adorned as a gorgeous chair addition. Impress your guests with a simple addition that provides a lot of style.

Your festive chair is as easy as

  1. Your preferred ornament

For ours we opted for one of our gorgeous coastal ornaments – see the full range of coastal Christmas decorations here.

  1. A matching ribbon

The matching ribbon will attach through the loop of the ornament and to the chair.

  1. A festive bit of greenery

You can never go wrong with an added touch of greenery (you can even pick this from your garden the morning of).

Christmas table chair DIY