Curtain Tieback Styling Hack

Curtains are so right now in interior trends! Because they are floaty and soft and diffuse natural light, so rooms feel warm and inviting.  Plus, they’re practical (love that!), so there’s no surprise our new range of ready-to-hang sheers and blockouts are being snapped up quick smart.

But here’s something super cute as a fun style tool for adding a little touch of boho cool – the perfect tiebacks! Wooden string beads in all lengths and sizes is curtain styling all wrapped up.

Our natural Perla or Pria beads make the perfect tie backs which look (and are!) effortless style, in one quick loop.

Here’s how to achieve the look:

Step 1: Gather your curtain, scooping and draping as you would want them to hang.

Step 2: Wrap your string beads around your curtain about waist-height, either in a single loop or multiples depending on the length and size of your string. We suggest either our Perla beads or Pria beads.

Step 3: Adjust your beads for length as desired, with the tassels hanging freely.

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