Bring the outdoors, in, this summer

Summer is all about the outdoors! With gorgeous weather and a beautiful country to explore there is no wonder we’re excited about being outside. Even though this is true, unfortunately we can’t always be outside so we’ve created your one-stop guide to bringing the glorious outdoors, inside. From the bathroom to the bedroom, we’ll show you how to add plants and flowers to create feelings of positivity and happiness. We believe you can never have too many plants and adding a variety of succulents, dried stems, flowers, and greenery is a great way to add variety throughout the home.

Whether you’re new to the plant scene (welcome!), or if you’re a plant connoisseur you’ll find the style tips you’ve been looking for, below.  We’ve created a list of our top 5 places to incorporate greenery into your home and our favourite style tips for each space.


Did someone say tropical oasis? Adding a variety of plants to your bathroom will create a soothing sanctuary that you’re sure to enjoy. For those with a larger space to work with we love adding larger tree-like plants styled in gorgeous pots. Smaller bathrooms need not miss out on the oasis feel, adding smaller succulents and single stems will do the trick. Complete the look of this space with organic textures like our Australian cotton towels and bamboo accessories.

Pillow Talk bathroom with bamboo accessories


When it comes to adding a little life to your kitchen look no further than an array of succulents. One of our favourite places is cluster these is on a set of shelves. Placing them in a higher space allows you to keep bench space free for preparation and cooking. If you find yourself with a large bench top space, adding a blooming bouquet of flowers on one side, or even the middle of the bench will have you constantly smiling. Who can resist a sensational bouquet of roses sitting on their countertop.

Pillow Talk kitchen styling with plants and succulents


Plants are a welcomed addition to the bedroom! For some the bedroom is merely for sleep while for others it is a sanctuary to escape to. Either way there is nothing like waking up to a room filled with flora. From a small, cute succulent on your bedside table to dried stem arrangement atop a set of draws you’ll always be able to find space to add a little touch of the outside inside your bedroom.

Pillow Talk plant styling in bedroom

Living room

Perhaps the most exciting and interesting spaces to add your artificial greenery is the living room. With so much styling potential, the sky is the limit. From large trees in statement planters to a small succulent cluster atop the coffee table, greenery feels right at home in you living space. Our artificial olive trees are a great statement piece and will have you feeling as though you’re sitting under the Tuscan sun (if only!).

Pillow Talk styling plants and flower in the living room

Dining room

When you think of adding flowers to your dining space you may think of a lavish bouquet in the centre of your table, while this is of course a gorgeous choice, we’re here to provide some stylish alternatives. Single stems are a subtle option for greenery at the dining table. Placing a single stem on your place settings will instantly elevate your entire dining setup. Alternatively, if you have the space, an overhead arrangement may be the way to bring the outside to your dining table at your next lavish dinner party. An above head centerpiece allows the table to be freed up, for more food, while adding a luxurious feel to the entertaining area.

Pillow Talk dining table styling with stems and plants

For the ultimate indoor-outdoor living this summer season add copious amounts of greenery and floral arrangements to your home! Our styling team have provided us with so much inspo this summer season, I think we’ll trying all of these. If you give these tips a try, be sure to tag us in your photos @pillowtalkaustralia.