5 Ways to Layer for Warmth This Winter

As temperatures begin to plummet, we retreat to the comfort of our cosy beds. Snuggling up in a bundle of blankets is complete bliss come cold weather. But what if we told you that you could make your bed even cosier? While an extra decorative cushion or throw might prove pleasing to the eye, just like beauty, real warmth comes from within. Learn how to layer from the bottom up in order to create the warmest possible sleep environment in five simple steps, just in time for winter.

Step 1: Mattress Topper

Building from the bottom of your bed, a mattress topper is the natural first step. Usually included to add an extra layer of comfort to a mattress, we tend to overlook a mattress topper’s insulating qualities. A topper works by trapping layers of air above the mattress, around your body. These pockets of insulation create a cosy atmosphere courtesy of your body heat, believe it or not. Depending on your comfort preference, choose anything from a microfibre to a memory foam mattress topper and relish in your new cloud-like surface.

Tip: to assist in keeping your topper clean, pop a protector on top!

Step 2: Underblanket

You might be under the impression that it’s what’s on top of you that keeps you warm. As a public service announcement, we’d like to inform you that it’s actually often what’s underneath that fosters that toasty feeling. When it comes to an underblanket, opt for something wool for ultimate warmth. Simply layer it under your fitted sheet and you’re well on your way to a dreamy night’s sleep.

Step 3: Sheet Set

Next is sheets, of course. Everyone has their preference in regards to feel and fibre, but if you’re looking for warmth, we suggest flannelette. Dress your bed as you usually would with a fitted and top sheet to follow, sealing in the cosy goodness below.

Step 4: Blanket

“But don’t blankets go on top of the bed?” you may ask. You might be surprised to discover that your trusty blanket can do even more good as an inner layer. Place it over your top sheet, under your quilt for an additional layer of insulation. Because this layer is all about heat, as opposed to aesthetics, select your blanket based on fibre, rather than finish. Our range of luxurious cotton blankets will do the trick!

Step 5: Quilt

Last but not least, your quilt, of course! Despite their universally cosy feeling, every quilt provides a different level of warmth. Come wintertime, a higher gsm fill quilt is your best bet for lasting warmth. Place your quilt on top of your first four layers and prepare to burrow into your newfound haven. As snug as humanly possible, we highly doubt you’ll ever want to wake up.