5 things you didn’t know your bathroom needed

It may be the smallest room of your home, but your bathroom has huge styling potential, if you just give it a little love! Put the bathroom redesign on hold and follow our tips to make your bathroom your favourite space to be in. Read on for our top 5 things you didn’t know your bathroom needed.

  1. Bath sheets

A nice set of bath towels is a luxury many of us enjoy, but if you haven’t already you need to treat yourself to the enveloping comfort of a bath sheet! Not only do they offer a level of cocooning comfort that has no comparison, but their larger size also makes them look like a luxe addition to your towel rail. Many of our towel ranges offer a bath sheet option, allowing you to keep a cohesive feel throughout the space with your current hand towels and bath mats, but don’t be shy to also mix and match between ranges.

Pillow Talk range of bath sheets

  1. Denver bin

The Denver bin has been dubbed “the bin that will change your life” and we stand by this statement! Featuring a soft close lid, it’s sleek design seamlessly fits into your bathroom space. The range also includes a matching brush holder and toilet roll holder and comes in 6 timeless shades.

Pillow Talk bathroom bin with matching bathroom accessories

  1. A cheeky bath mat

Your bathroom is a unique space that allows for more elements of personality than some of the other more formal spaces within your home. Have a little fun with our playful bath mats, that are consistently customer favourites! From Rise and Shine, to Splish Splash and Get Naked, which will you choose?

Pillow Talk fun playful bath mats

  1. A flower arrangement

Flowers have a special ability to put a smile on your dial. The bathroom is one of the first places you frequent upon waking up each day, so why not make it a place full of everything you love. Artificial flowers are great for achieving the look while being easy to maintain. A small arrangement is perfect for your vanity, or the edge of the bath.

Bathroom styling flower arrangement

  1. A signature scent

The sweet smell of sea salt and vanilla is a refreshing choice to encounter when entering your bathroom, so why not make it your signature! Whether you prefer a candle, diffuser or liquidless diffuser stems, we’ve got you covered.

Pillow Talk Circa scented range

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