5 ideas for your bedtime routine

Before you continue reading on, we encourage you to take a breath. Take a second to ground yourself into this moment and recognise your surroundings. In a world where things can be stressful and we’re constantly in ‘go’ mode, it’s important to take the time to slow down.

With stimulation at every turn, it can be hard to turn all that off and fall into a truly restful sleep at night. While we’re always going to be advocates of creating your dream sleep space with bedding that’s perfect for you (read our Sleep Recipe here) there are a few other little things you can add to your nighttime routine to get the best night’s sleep.


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Tonight, why don’t you try….

  • Setting a bedtime

Having a consistent sleep routine, with regular sleep and wake times, allows your body to regulate hormones and naturally let you feel tired when it’s time for bed. If you have an iPhone, set up a sleep schedule which will remind you when it’s time to winddown and will silence notifications while you’re sleeping.

  • Put the electronics down

We’ve all heard it before, but it’s true, stepping away from your devices at the start of your winddown time will allow you to get to sleep easier. Blue light is not your friend at night, so why not implement a rule that leaves any devices at the bedroom door.

  • Introduce a bedtime tea

A calming tea, such as chamomile or lavender can aid in calming the mind and help induce sleep. Try out a few different ones until you find your favourite.

  • Take a moment to stretch

Let go of physical and mental tension with some light stretching and breathing exercises, they can go a long way towards relaxing you into sleep. If you’d like something more structured than free stretching, look up Qi Gong videos on YouTube and follow along.

  • Write a do-to list

Allow your mind to rest by jotting everything you need to do for the next day down onto paper. If you like, take this a step further and introduce journaling, this can allow you to sort through your thoughts and feelings before going to bed.

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We hope these small changes will allow you to drift off into a peaceful and restorative sleep, but of course, also consider if your sleep setting could do with an update too. Our buying guides are the perfect starting point in finding yours or if you’d like some more assistance, head over to our live chat on the website, or in-store to speak to our experts.