5 Bedroom Essentials to Create Your Own Warm Sanctuary

When the world outside feels a little chaotic, it’s important to carve out a place of total sanctuary within your home to retreat to and relax in. There’s no better room to do this in than your bedroom, as it is the place we spend over a third of our lives, and drift off to sleep each evening; especially as the weather begins to cool. So how exactly do you achieve the perfect bedroom sanctuary? Read on…

Choose Your Perfect Pillow

We all know the discomfort of waking up with a sore neck because you slept on a pillow that wasn’t right for you and it’s not something we want when building your dream bedroom sanctuary. Your choice of pillow is as unique as you are and your pillow should be chosen to suit your sleep style and preferences. For a little help in choosing the perfect pillow for you, read our pillow buying guide.

The Must-Have Sheets

A great hindrance to feeling like you’re sleeping in the ultimate sanctuary is temperature. At this time of the year when the weather is frequently changing and cooler weather is setting in, it’s incredibly important to have sheets that will keep you at a constant, comfortable temperature. Leave the heater in the cupboard and invest in a set of silky soft, naturally temperature regulating bamboo sheets. Bamboo’s innate temperature regulating properties will keep you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. They are also seriously soft to the touch, are available in a great selection of colours and are a firm favourite of Pillow Talk staff. Do we need to say more?

The Ideal Quilt

Just as we mentioned with sheets, temperature is incredibly important in ensuring you enjoy a blissfully uninterrupted night’s sleep. The mercury has already started to drop as we move through autumn and inch closer to winter, so now is the perfect time to get your winter quilt sorted. If you’d like to read more about choosing the perfect quilt, head to our quilt buying guide. Before you go though, we have a handy tip for you for when it starts to get really cold; if you’re adding a blanket to accompany your quilt, make sure it’s always underneath your quilt to ensure the quilt is still able to breath properly. You’ll thank us after you try it!

The Pretty Parts

Now that we have the foundation of your bed sorted out and you’ll be sleeping at the right temperature, let’s look at the beautiful options you have for dressing the bed. Our Pillow Talk designers travel the world multiple times a year to bring back trends and inspiration for our collections. Many of our designs are hand-drawn by these in-house designers, making them exclusive to Pillow Talk. We have over 100 quilt cover sets and coverlet designs for you to choose from, many of which are on sale right now!

Finally, A Touch Of Luxury…

Really embrace the feeling of sleeping in the ultimate sanctuary by adding a final touch of luxury with a silk pillowcase. Our mulberry silk pillowcases are bursting with beauty benefits as they ensure that any creams or serums you put on your face stay there and are not absorbed by the fabric of the pillowcase. Silk pillowcases are also soft on hair, allowing it to smoothly move across the pillowcase throughout the night so that you don’t wake up with fluffy bed hair in the morning. Their final benefit? They feel truly soft and luxurious to rest your head on each night, making it worthy of a spot in your ultimate sleep sanctuary.

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