VIDEO: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

>>>>VIDEO: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Folding a fitted sheet; impossible to learn in under five minutes, right? Wrong! Follow how our staff member, Taryn, learnt how to fold a fitted sheet in record time with this easy to follow guide. Say goodbye to crumpled sheets in your linen cupboard forever!


Put your fingers in two corners so that the elastic comes to your elbow. Flip corner 1 inside out and put your index finger into the inside out corner of the fitted sheet. You should now have the elastic twisted in front of you.


Tuck corner 1 (the inside-out corner) into corner 2 by moving your two fingers together. Your sheet will now be elastic edge to elastic edge. To keep the corners together neatly, we suggest you drape it over your arm, your bed or the back of a chair.


Do the above steps for the other side of the sheet (I.E. fold corner 3 inside out into corner 4). Your sheet should now look something like this with all elastic on one side. Put your fingers into the two corners with the elastic at the top.


Touch your fingers together and pinch both corners in one hand. With your free hand, flip the sheet over itself.


All elastic should now be together, as pictured. The next step is best to do on a flat surface. Lay your sheet down with the elastic side-up forming what looks like the letter ‘c’.


Fold the top of the sheet down to about a third of the sheet size. This will give you a rectangular shape to make folding easier.


Fold the top of the sheet down to meet the bottom.


Fold the left hand side of the sheet one third of the way in.


Fold the sheet in over again so that you are left with a sheet that (hopefully!) looks like this!

We hope this tutorial has been helpful! Shop our gorgeous range of sheets, here, and share your perfectly folded linen cupboard with us with #pillowtalkaustralia on Facebook and Instagram.

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