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Transform Your Living Room For Under $100

A living room makeover can make your whole home feel a little more beautiful. The living room is a place we relax, share a cup of tea with family and friends and is often the place we spend the majority of our leisure time at home, so it’s important it is a place that’s functional, comfortable but also feels great to spend time in.

In order to help you transform your living room into a place you never want to leave (without spending a fortune!), we’ve asked our living department buyers Saretta Rout and Natalia Zimic to share their top tips and products for creating a truly beautiful living room.

1. A touch of greenery

Both buyers agreed a touch of greenery is a key trend that is here to stay (meaning you’ll get longevity out of your pieces!) and something that is well worth incorporating into your decor through imitation plants (yay to no watering!) and some bright, fun cushions!

Saretta says “bring the outdoors in and go green with our imitation plants. It’s a massive trend right now and it’s here to stay for a while,” and Natalia adds “mix green, leafy cushions with natural, woody tones”. 

Shop our selection of greenery, here.

Add flowers and greenery to completely transform the look of your living room
Add colourful decor to easily transform the look and feel of a room

2. Accessorise with bold, rich tones, velvety textures and metallics

It’s easy to create that winter warmth feeling by lighting candles and accessorising with a metallic candle holder or lantern such as our Cove Lantern or Lighthouse Lantern. Add some velvety textures and rich colours with our Regency Cushions.

Accessorising with metallics is a great way to spruce up any room
Adding a cushion or two in rich colours and velvety textures brings a comfy atmosphere to your room.

3. Texture and tassels! 

An enduring trend this season is certainly texture! Adding an element of texture to your decor can really give the look dimension and a point for the eye to be drawn to.

Natalia’s favourite pieces to add texture to your living room decor are the Coastline Cushions and the Marley Cushions.

Adding texture with a soft knit cushions and a chunky knit throw
Accessorise with tassels to add texture and flair to any room.

4. Signature scent

It may be the last thing you think about, but it will be one of the first things your guests notice when they arrive in your home. Select the perfect scent to really set the mood with our range of Circa Home Fragrance Diffusers, Candles and Soy Melts. With delicious fragrances from Mango & Papaya to the warming Vanilla Bean and Allspice you’ll want one for every room of your home!

Delight all your senses by adding a signature scent to your room
Soy melts and diffusers are an easy way to uplift your home and create a welcoming atmosphere

5. Finally, faux fur

This list just could not be complete without the mention of faux fur! A few buyers favourites are the Avoca Throws and Cushions which create an on-trend look that will be the envy of all your friends! Plus, it will of course, keep you comfortable and warm even on the coolest of nights!

A throw in a rich colour and soft texture can transform your room and are a beautiful addition
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