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Industrial Look

Three Industrial Looks for Your Bedroom

Industrial design is all about fashion meets function – filling your home with things that look great, and serve a purpose, whether that be items that save space, or have a dual use. Another central element of industrial style is natural textures – think timber, cement, and woven or natural fibres. We’ve created three different industrial looks that you can easily re-create! Nailing industrial fashion doesn’t require a brick wall or cement flooring – it’s all about your accessories, and creating the right balance of textures in your home.

1. Monochrome Minimalist

This look is timeless, and it works all year long. Take a monochrome quilt cover (we chose Preston, but a tribal or plain grid style would also work here), and pick key accessories to make the room “pop”. Remember that texture is important – so choose velvet, fur or felt styles for a deluxe, loft apartment feel.

Industrial Look

Using a futon instead of a bed is also a great way to give your room an industrial feel, and if you want a bit more height, try a pallet bed! When accessorising your space, don’t go over the top – less is more with this look. We’ve gone for a sleek, space-saving lamp in luxe copper-look, and for the bedside table, layer candle holders and add some greenery for a touch of fresh colour.

Watch one of our stylists create the look from scratch!

2. Light and Fresh

You might think that industrial décors need to be dark and slightly grungy, but you can also create a gorgeous, breezy loft feel using light tones and natural timber. Start with a timeless base – a simple white quilt cover. These are a must-have, because it means you can switch up your look, just by adding a coverlet or blanket and some cushions!

Industrial Look

For an open and airy industrial look, choose a light, pastel colour palette and a modern print, like this geometric coverlet. Then, accessorise with woven rugs or baskets and a simple timber bedside table. Finally, for that burst of fresh colour, complete the look by adding as much (or as little) greenery as you like. If you’re time poor, choose imitation plants – you’ll never have to water them and they’ll always look great!

Industrial Look

3. Luxury Loft

Add a touch of drama to your décor with this opulent industrial look. This style is all about texture – make sure to include velvet, metallics and marble or cement for a refined finish. When picking your quilt cover, choose something that’s not going to clash with your accessories. We chose Shadow because its monochrome colour palette will go with almost anything, and its moody botanical print is perfect for this look.

Industrial Look

For the ultimate luxe bedroom loft, our Donald trolley and velvet poufs are a winning combination – they look absolutely stunning together. Using a trolley as a bedside table is a great idea, especially if you’re low on space – you get three times as much space for your accessories! Finish off this look with sophisticated imitation blooms and pendant lights for a soft, luxurious glow.

Industrial Look

Achieving a chic, sleek and low maintenance industrial look is easy – all you need to do is create the right balance of textures with your bed linen, furniture and accessories. Oh, and the best part about an undone, industrial decor? it’s A-okay to leave your bed unmade!

Find everything you need to nail industrial fashion in your home here!

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