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How to Style Your Round Towel

The must-have accessory of the season, our round towels aren’t just for trips to the beach! Read our guide to styling round towels, and give your space a quick and easy summer update!


Ditch the picnic blanket and use a round towel for a wonderfully fresh summer look. At 180cm across, our large round towels are ideal for trips to the park, and they’re a gorgeous backdrop for all your snacks! Layer different patterns for a bohemian look that gives your guests extra leg room.

Pictured: the Cuba towel.


Claim your spot by the pool and lay down your round beach towel. Perfect for relaxing under the sun, you can also fold your towel in half and use it as a stylish sarong.

Pictured: the Aruba towel in pink and black.


Create your own slice of paradise at the beach and take your round towel with you! Pick a design that comes with a matching tote bag, so you can carry all your essentials in style.

Pictured: the Aruba towel in mint and orange.


Use your round towel as a lightweight, high fashion bath mat! These chic Aztec patterns and fringing look gorgeous against tiles, or paired with our tribal bath towels.  Fold in half in smaller bathrooms, or if you have a large space, make it a centrepiece!

Pictured: the Cuba towel (top) and the Aruba towel in pink and black (bottom).


Revamp your quilt cover set and style a round towel on top! It’s a quick, easy and affordable way to give your bedroom a Hawaiian resort feel. We used the Luna quilt cover set as a simple base, adding the Belize towel on top for a stunning splash of ocean blue. Add a few accessories in natural textures, for the ultimate tropical retreat.

Style your round towel on a white quilt cover and pair with seagrass baskets for a relaxed, beach-house look.

Celebrate the warmer weather with round beach towels – these versatile styles are the perfect summer companion! Check out our range here, and if you’re looking for more inspiration, head to our Pinterest.

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