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How to Style Indoor Plants

Wonderfully fresh and perfect for breathing life into your space, indoor greenery is an absolute must have this season. Follow our tips and style your plants to perfection!

1. Go Faux

Too busy to tend to your plants? Not a problem! Imitation greenery is stunning, low maintenance, and you’ll never have to worry about drainage, sunlight or trimming.

Add imitation plants to your bathroom for a sumptuous, resort feel.

2. Layers & Levels

Choosing the right plants for your décor is key! First, think about your space – smaller areas like desks, side tables and ledges look gorgeous with clusters of succulents or trailing plants, but if you’re adding greenery to the ground level, go for larger styles like fiddle and banana trees.

Create a chic cluster of greenery with our Aldama potted plants and petite succulents.

Next, think about levels – if you choose a tall style, you can layer smaller plants to really give your home a lush, greenhouse feel. Mini hostas, cycas and monsteras are great for adding another dimension to your décor.

Layer banana trees, fiddle trees and monsteras for the ultimate, lush interior.

3. Pick Your Planters

Once you’ve selected your plants, it’s time to find a chic way to display them! Woven baskets are the trend of the season, and they’re perfect for giving your home a relaxed, Balinese feel.

For small to medium sized greenery, cement planters are ideal, and you can get creative with colours, patterns and prints! Add height with planters on stands, and layer matching styles for a chic and coordinated look.

When styling succulents or smaller plants, think about terrariums, hanging planters or even wall planters, for a more bohemian feel.

The Antoni cement planters are the perfect companion to vibrant greenery.

4. Finishing Touches

For the ultimate indoor oasis, pair your plants with accessories that will really make them pop! We love a simple colour palette of white and neutral tones, with touches of green, blue or black. Add pattern with tropical watercolour prints – they’re sophisticated, on trend, and the perfect companion to your new foliage. Finally, gold or copper accents are great for giving your space a luxe resort feel.

Style your plants with pom poms, contemporary prints and luxe accessories.

Turn your home into a sumptuous retreat with our range of gorgeous imitation plants, stylish planters and chic home accessories! Get everything you give your space a fresh burst of greenery here. Looking for more inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest!

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