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Stay Cosy in Winter

How To Stay Cosy This Winter

The cold is slowly creeping in… have you felt it?

Winter is all about texture – it’s luxury you can feel. We’re sharing our favourite looks, perfect for creating an inviting, cosy retreat you’ll love coming home to. Get inspired!

Chic & Cosy

Flannelette sheets are the best way to enjoy a warm and cosy sleep, without compromising on style. Stay on-trend with soft pink, grey and mint tones, or for a fresh take on the minimalist trend, the grid print is a must-have. Mix and match grey and pink for a comfortable and contemporary Scandi-inspired bedroom – you can also add a masculine touch with chambray.

Stay Cosy in Winter

Stay warm in style with flannelette – mix colours and patterns for a contemporary look.

Warm and Fuzzies

Whether it’s fuzzy, furry or velvet-smooth, you can’t go wrong with luxe fabrics in the chilly months. Lambswool feels amazing and catches the light beautifully, and for a more opulent finish, velvet is wonderfully smooth, with a gorgeous shine. A little goes a long way with these lush textures – use them as feature cushions, beanbags, or throws on your bed and lounge, for an instant seasonal update.

Stay Cosy in Winter

Fight off the winter chill with decadent faux fur, velvet and lambswool.

All Wrapped Up

Lazy winter mornings aren’t complete without a blanket, or two, or even three! We love layering styles to create a comfortable and relaxing bedroom retreat. Mixing textures, colours and patterns is essential – match knitted blankets with faux fur or soft acrylic throws for an effortlessly chic loft look. Now all you need is a cup of tea and a good book…

Stay Cosy in Winter

Pictured (top to bottom): Bunya, Pelage and the Knit Weave blanket.

Balancing Act

Soft textures and industrial accessories are a match made in heaven, and chic adornments are the perfect way to balance your look – think metallic candle holders and lamps, cement accessories and geometric shapes. Add a hint of imitation greenery to keep things bright and fresh, even on the harshest winter days.

Winter Accessories

Complement soft winter fabrics with metallic, marble and cement accessories.

Everything you need to create the ultimate winter retreat is right here – shop the look! For more inspiration, take a peek at our Winter Warmth catalogue.

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