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Project Description

Guest Room Makeover

The warm weather has come a lot earlier this year to Brisbane, which means it’s time for a guest bedroom makeover!  I always try to keep my spare bedroom fairly neutral with the occasional subtle pop of colour (especially in the cooler months).  To be honest, I’m afraid of colour. It can be daunting adding colours to a bedroom, in fear they won’t work well together.

This season, I was determined to brighten up my spare bedroom, ahead of guests visting, with beautiful pastels such as pinks and greens.  I thought if I start with pastels, I can eventually build up the confidence to add bolder colours. As soon as I laid eyes on the Dafney Quilt Cover Set, I knew I had found the perfect quilt for the spare room!  The gorgeous pastels work so well together.  A bonus is that it has a 225 thread cotton, so it’s perfect for the warmer weather.

I always like to add a throw in my bedroom, it can add an extra element to the bed, a ladder or occasional chair.  I absolutely love the Monash Throw, in Rose, but you could also use the Lagoon as it would tie in very well with this quilt.   A lot of people think you can only use a throw in winter but as the throw I chose is cotton, it is a perfect addition all year round.

Like shoes, I believe you can never have enough cushions. The Mongolian Lambswool Cushion in duck egg was made for this quilt cover set, an added bonus is that it has the most beautiful texture.  If the duck egg isn’t your cup of tea, the pink Mongolian Lambswool cushion would also work perfectly.

I wanted to add some extra height to the bed as my bed head is quite low, so these European Pillowcases that are designed to complement the Dafney Quilt Cover Set were perfect.  Please note these pillowcases are only available in-store.

So if you’re a little bit like me and afraid to add colour to your bedroom, take baby steps, you don’t have to add all these elements to your room at once. They are just great layers you can add to your bedroom to make it look fabulous.

Check out the video of my guest bedroom transformation and let me know what you think in the comments!

Written by Samantha Tolley of Addicted to Bargains @addicted_to_bargains


Guest Bedroom Makeover

Image and video by @addicted_to_bargains.

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