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Four best tips for decorating a child's bedroom

Four best tips for decorating a child’s bedroom

Do you ever look at your children’s bedrooms and want to throw your hands up in the air and start again? We know the feeling, so does the designer and buyer of our new Kids collection, Kylie O’Loughlin, a mother of three boys. It doesn’t have to be this way though, we’ve asked Kylie to give us her top four tips for decorating your children’s bedroom in a way that will see them through for years to come!

Follow the big to small motto.  When it comes to colour, themes and pattern, the bigger and more permanent it is the more neutral it should be, and the smaller and more changeable it is, the bolder and brighter it can be.  For example; keep walls and floors that are timely and costly to change nice and neutral.  Add subtle pattern and texture in things like curtains and soft furnishings.  You cannot go past classic stripes, dots and checks in soft greys or pastels for a timeless look.  Bedlinen and accessories are then a great opportunity to start adding more fun themes, colours and patterns and are more easily changed and updated.  The new Kids quilt covers are reversible so you get two designs in one, another great way to change it up instantly, and there are plenty of playful cushions and wall art in the range for a pop of colour or quirkiness.

Around The World Quilted Quilt Cover Set

Think like a child! No, you don’t have to start screaming Muuuuuummmmm at the top of your lungs or have a tantrum because you got vegemite toast when you REALLY wanted marmite, but you do need to look at their bedroom from their height.  If you have any hope of getting children to put things away, it needs to be easy and accessible for them.  They will also feel more comfortable if the scale of things in their rooms is relative.  Little people. Little things.  Keep high shelves and out of reach spaces for those precious keepsakes and display items (or for hiding those things you really want them to forget about) and keep the toys, books and everyday items down low.  Likewise use practical easy storage.  A hamper like our super cute Shark not only adds fun to the room but is easy for kids to throw their toys in at the end of the day.

Kids bathroom accessories

Embrace a mix match look.  Not only does this add an element of playfulness and a more childlike quality to a room, it saves you time and money.  If you decorate with everything  cars or everything ballerinas it will have an expiry date as they are sure to change their mind. Use one or 2 consistent colours or simple patterns to tie it all together and then Dinosaurs and Superheros can live in harmony!  You can see this right across our new range where we have complimentary designs and our fun new mix and match patterned sheets.

Kids sheets

Have some fun.  Children’s rooms really are the one place in your house that you can experiment.  It can still be on trend and in keeping with the rest of your décor as is the intention of our new range, but this is the place for unicorns, Giraffe’s blowing bubble gum, life ring cushions and ice cream nightlights!

Unicorn Dreams Quilt Cover Set

We hope these tips have been helpful in styling the perfect room for your little boy or girl! To be inspired and see the entire collection, scroll through our lookbook, here, or shop the entire collection, here.

Don’t forget to share images of your gorgeous styling with us by using #pillowtalkaustralia and #ptkids on your posts!

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