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Project Description

DIY Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

Crafts are an essential part of Christmas. From cards to cookies, there’s always a reason to get creative. If you’ve got a door in need of decorating, why not don your very own DIY wreath or garland? With just a few PT items, you can create a stunning, rustic, evergreen wreath to enjoy for Christmases to come.

DIY Wreath

Step 1.

All you’ll need is 8 x our Willow Stems, 2 x Berry Branches, scissors and some fishing line.

DIY Wreath

Step 2.

Curve and mould each willow branch into a semi-circle.

DIY Wreath

Step 3.

Continue adding stems until your wreath is a full circle.

DIY Wreath

Step 4.

Tie each stem together at the base, securing it with fishing line.

DIY Wreath

Step 5.

Once your willow wreath is completed, it’s time to add the berries!

DIY Wreath

Step 6.

Break each berry branch into three, creating six stems. Wedge each stem into the wreath, manipulating the smaller branches to style with a life-like, 3D effect.

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